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The Eagles
"Hell Freezes Over"

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Year of Release: 1994

track listing
  • Get Over It
  • Love Will Keep Us Alive
  • The Girl From Yesterday
  • Learn To Be Still
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Hotel California
  • Wasted Time
  • Pretty Maids
    All In A Row
  • I Can't Tell You Why
  • New York Minute
  • The Last Resort
  • Take It Easy
  • In The City
  • Life In The Fast Lane
  • Desperado

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    The Eagles
    "Hell Freezes Over"

    "For the record, we never broke up. We just took a fourteen year vacation." On February 2, 2007, Don Henley announced in Billboard magazine a new Eagles studio album will be released "in the next 60 to 90 days, if it doesn't kill us first."

    Yeah, right... "Hell will freeze over if we ever get back together."

    Let's see, February to July, 2007 is 5 momths, and we have yet to see a new studio album from The Eagles. As much as we have heard the stories of how "stuck up" Don Henley is, he is basically the main reason for the Eagles' continuance after their 1994 reunion. As great as The Eagles were in the 1970s (they were my #2 favorite band, next to Led Zeppelin, it was great to see The Eagles back together for Hell Freezes Over.

    A combination of new studio tracks and live recordings, the question remained if The Eagles would continue releasing new material. Four new studio tracks, of which two were radio hits: the rocking "Get Over It," and the beautiful ballad "Love Will Keep Us Alive." The other two are great country-ish tunes, and equally brilliant, "The Girl From Yesterday" and "Learn To Be Still."

    The remaining tracks are from their historic live performance, the Hell Freezes Over Reunion. Basically a Greatest Hits Live concert, the most impressive song is the arrangment of "Hotel California," done quite differently than the the original, and truly a breath of fresh air for the song, and well-done.

    The regular favorites are here as well: "Tequila Sunrise", I Can't Tell You Why," "Take It Easy," "In The City," "Life In The Fast Lane," and "Desperado." [Note: At the end of "In The City" did it sound like they were about to perform The Beatles' "Day Tripper" ?] Other album tracks (mostly from Hotel California): "Wasted Time," "Pretty Maids All In A Row," and "The Last Resort" brings back what some considered the band's best studio album. Surpringly, only one solo song from the band members is here, Don Henley's "New York Minute," originally from his album The End Of The Innocence. It would of been nice to see The Eagles perform a Joe Walsh tune, or even a solo tune from Glenn Frey. (Somehow I think Don Henley had the final say about that.)

    From past reports, it was told that The Eagles' concert performances in general wasn't a true sight to see. However, I have seen the Hell Freezes Over concert, and it is definitely a sight to enjoy. It was nice to see one of the best bands in music history reunite, and play songs that made them favorite. The Hell Freezes Over album featured new studio tracks, and the question remained if the band would continue recording new material. On that note...

    "A new Eagles album -- their first studio album since 1979 -- expected to be titled The Long Road to Eden, has been reportedly in production for several years. In an August 2006 interview, Joe Walsh predicted a 2007 release. In a private concert held at the end of January 2007, Don Henley reported that the album would be released "in 60 to 90 days, if it doesn't kill us first." On the 8th of June at Borgata Casino, New Jersey, Don said he'd be in AC another night and then head back to LA to finish up the Eagles album. He thought for a second and then said it would be out on October 30th and no one would be happier than they would."

    No one would be happier than they would? Don Henley, being the ego-stastical gentleman he is, would say that. Eagles fans have been praying for a new studio album, and hopefully seeing a rebirth. We can only hope that their new album does come out in October, 2007. Time will only tell...

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