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"In The Garden"

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Year of Release: 1981

track listing
  • English Summer
  • Belinda
  • Take Me To Your Heart
  • She's Invisible Now
  • Your Time Will Come
  • Caveman Head
  • Never Gonna Cry Again
  • All The Young
    (People Of Today)
  • Sing-Sing
  • Revenge

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    "In The Garden"

    The year was 1981, and a new duo was emerging in the music force. Their music would definitely become popular more and more in the 1980s decade, as Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart would record great music together as Eurythmics. The music does define 1980s pop, as many acts would follow throughout the decade.

    It's interesting to hear the beginnings of Eurythmics -- all the songs here are different, as the duo was probably trying to determine a unique sound that would become their signature. Most of the songs are moody, almost a dark atmospher, as heard in such songs as "English Summer"; a very good song to start out the album. Other moody tunes are "Your Time Will Come," a song compared to the likes of future artists Sinead O'Connor and/or Enya. "Never Gonna Cry Again" is also moody, and has a more darker moody atmosphere.

    Then there's the 1980s pop style that would identify the music of the 1980s, in pop form: "Belinda" could compare to another future band The Go-Go's in a way. (hmm, the title being "Belinda" as in Belinda Carlisle?) "She's Invisible Now" is a pleasant song, fitting the 1980s pop style, and has some very good keyboard arrangements. Music fitting the movie soundtracks such as future '80s movies Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty In Pink -- "Caveman Head".

    Lastly, after decades of already knowing Eurythmics' sound, "Take Me To Your Heart" would be a song that would capture their popularity in later years. "Sing-Sing" is another very good song, and another that would idenitfy the beginning stages of the Eurythmics sound. "Revenge" (a title that would become a future album title by Eurythmics) is another easy 1980s pop styled song.

    Listening to their first album many decades later is truly interesting. Most likely, back in 1981, people first listening to this new duo, just may have reacted as "what is this?" But for the true Eurythmics fan, it's a treat to listen to how they started, and seeing how certain songs from this release would grow into the more popular songs they record in later years.

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