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"Look What The Cat Dragged In"

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Year of Release: 1986 Rating:

track listing
  • Cry Tough
  • I Want Action
  • I Won't Forget You
  • Play Dirty
  • Look What The Cat
    Dragged In
  • Talk Dirty To Me
  • Want Some Need Some
  • Blame It On You
  • #1 Bad Boy
  • Let Me Go To The Show

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    "Look What The Cat Dragged In"

    Poison is back... on WSVNRadio... Actually, this band did reform recently, and Poison is one of those bands you either love or hate. Their music spanned throughout the "hair bands" phase of the 1980s, yet Poison not only had the hard rock sound, their looks were even more convincing or deceiving. Think of it as a band dressed up like KISS, yet these guys looked more like girls, with the makeup, or should I say lip gloss... Poison's music may not have been harder edged than their counterparts of the 1980s, yet they did achieve some popularity, and likeness from some of the heavy metal/hard rock fans.

    Their debut was released in 1986, Look What The Cat Dragged In, and yes, looking at the album cover, you could tell these were GUYS in female facial attire: The glam hair (common for MALE hard rock bands), eye makeup and lip gloss (OMG), may have had some of the die-hard hard rock fans running for the hills, declaring this band as a bunch of heavy metal fags. They were anything but, their music was Rock, and they even did appeal to the female fans of hard rock/heavy metal music.

    Most of the songs did get some heavy airplay: "I Won't Forget You" was a popular ballad, I vaguely remember the track "I Want Action" being played on radio. "Talk Dirty To Me" became a radio favorite. "Cry Tough" and "Play Dirty" has the common hard-rock Poison sound, and to some, their musical style could ALMOST relate to that of KISS. The same could be said for the title track.

    The rest of the album tracks are nearly hits and misses. It's the radio favorites that stand out on Look What The Cat Dragged In The title of this album surely fits, as this band began their start. A unique look and sound, their debut has its moments with their sound. Their looks are either favorable or negative. In looking at the back cover, Bret Michaels may have the look of David Lee Roth with better makeup, and Rikki Rockett may have a slight resemblance to Kiss' Paul Stanley. The other guys, C.C. DeVille has the sneer of a Billy Idol, and Bobby Dall just has has to change the letter 'a' to an 'o' in his last name. Kiss wannabe's or not, Poison was a popular band, whether everyone really liked them for the their music and/or looks or not.

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