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Love & Rockets
"Love And Rockets"

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Year of Release: 1989

track listing
  • **** (Jungle Law)
  • No Big Deal
  • The Purest Blue
  • Motorcycle
  • I Feel Speed
  • Bound For Hell
  • The Teardrop Collector
  • So Alive
  • Rock And Roll Babylon
  • No Words No More

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    Love & Rockets
    "Love And Rockets"

    Love And Rockets was known for their hit, "So Alive," an almost-psychedelic new wave song, with a groove and hook, easy to catch on and enjoy. This song came from their 1989 release, Love And Rockets. The band had recorded albums before 1989 and afterwards, but none of their post-1989 songs/albums didn't get the same attraction as "So Alive." Listening to the self-titled album for this week's review, it's apparent that this band is best known for one hit.

    "*** (Jungle Law)" starts out the album, and it has a style that would surface more in the upcoming 1990s decade. For fans of Depeche Mode, "No Big Deal" has the dance/pop style of the 1990s, and could be compared to the style as "So Alive." "The Purest Blue" has a defintely strange feel, moody music, very little vocals, as it could be a good background source for a mysterious scene from a movie.

    "Motorcyle" has a nore hard rock edge, almost a punk feel, and also comparing to the music of Depeche Mode. "I Feel Speed" is another strange sounding song, comparing to the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, and a band from then WSVNRadio Hall of Fame's Volume One CD -- Breather. "Bound For Hell" has sone hope, having a nostalgic R&B blues rock sound (early Rolling Stones/Yardbirds) with some impressive harmonica work.

    "The Teardrop Collector" is another moody number, as heard on "I Feel Speed," but just a little more upbeat. "Rock And Roll Babylon" has another different sound, laid-back, mellow, John Lennon pop. The last track has the "I Feel Speed" "Teardrop Collector" style.

    A variety of different sounding tunes of the self-titled "Love And Rockets, although the track "So Alive" is the standout; that song seems to be the only highlight. Listening to this album more than once may change to a more positive review, but Love And Rockets have the one-hit wonder factor with "So Alive."

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