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Mighty Sam McClain
"One More Bridge To Cross"

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Year of Release: 2003

track listing
  • Why Do We Have To
    Say Goodbye
  • Witness
  • Open Up Heaven's Door
  • If It Wasn't 4 Da Blues
  • Most Of All
  • Are You Ready For Love
  • Been There Done There
  • What's Your Name
  • Thought I Heard
    Your Voice
  • The Other Man
    In The Band
  • Sweet Honey Bee
  • Don't Leave Me Behind
  • One More Bridge To Cross

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    Mighty Sam McClain
    "One More Bridge To Cross"

    Mighty Sam McClain proves one thing, that you're never too old to play the blues. At 60, he released One More Bridge To Cross (2003), an album that would include him as part of The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame, Volume 9. "Thought I Heard Your Voice" would be the chosen track for this volume, and his music truly defines great blues and gospel, heard on One More Bridge To Cross.

    For those who enjoy the blues and even gospel, this album should not be overlooked. Every song on this album is truly outstanding. The album starts out with the slow blues number, "Why Do We Have To Say Goodbye," a song that Eric Clapton fans would enjoy (most notably from his album From The Cradle. "Witness" is a great driving blues tune, featuring Mighty Sam's unique strong voice. "Open Up Heaven's Door" has a great gospel touch. Robert Cray fans will enjoy the next track, "If It Wasn't 4 Da Blues."

    The slow blues (and very entertaining), "Most Of All" is another great blues tune to listen to, where "Are You Ready For Love" has a funky blues groove grit. The continuing slow blues of "Been There Done That" keeps the listening listening for more of the Mighty Sam. "What's Your Name" keeps the funky groove going, as in Santana's "Smooth." "Thought I Heard Your Voice" is one of those songs that is never tiring.

    "The Other Man In The Band" keeps it flowing with its great slow blues style. "Sweet Honey Bee" is truly a sweet rockin' bluesy tune, likewise "Don't Leave Me Behind" has the Robert Cray feel, and the title track.

    The blues is defined greatly with Mighty Sam McClain. Many blues artists fans of Clapton, Cray and others will enjoy McClain's music. His biography is quite interesting, as he started performing at an early age, and still continues to record great blues records. Check out his website, at He's recorded 4 albums as shown on his main page, and they're all I'm sure worth checking out. One More Bridge To Cross is a good start.

    UPDATE: It is of great sadness, to report that Mighty Sam McClain passed away, June 15, 2015. He was 72 years old. He had suffered a stroke in April of 2015, and died in June. A great artist and blues/gospel singer, McClain released a total of 17 albums (listed in his Wikipedia page) [1986-2014]. We are very proud to have had Mighty Sam McClain as one of our Hall of Fame artists. Thank you, Sam, may God bless you.

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