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Dire Straits
"On Every Street"

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Year of Release: 1991 Rating:

track listing
  • Calling Elvis
  • On Every Street
  • When It Comes To You
  • Fade To Black
  • The Bug
  • You And Your Friend
  • Heavy Fuel
  • Iron Hand
  • Ticket To Heaven
  • My Parties
  • Planet Of New Orleans
  • How Long

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    Dire Straits
    "On Every Street"

    On Every Street would become the last studio album by the group Dire Straits, released in 1991. Guitarist/Vocalist Mark Knopfler would pursue an incredible solo venture, starting in 1996. Dire Straits' career has been phenomenal; discovering them on AM Radio with their hit "Sultans Of Swing," and their most popular successful hit, with the help of MTV and Policeman String, "Money For Nothing" would become the band's only #1 hit single. Brothers In Arms (the #1 hit came from), would also be their only #1 album of the band's career.) Their last 1991 album, would prove that ...

    "Calling Elvis" (obviously about the King of Rock n Roll), has the message of hoping that Elvis is doing all right, wherever he is (rumours of Elvis being alive still associates today). The title track is a very mellow song, "When It Comes To You" has a somewhat off-country feel. "Fade To Black" has a bluesy/jazz style. "The Bug" definitely has a homegrown rockabilly country boogie atmosphere.

    "You And Your Friend" has a eerie, moody atmosphere, yet it is a good song to listen to. "Heavy Fuel" was the radio hit, as it defines the true rock Dire Straits sound. "Iron Hand" definitely has the "Outlaw" Country/Folk sound, "Ticket To Heaven" also has a country flavor, or even Tex-Mex music.

    "My Parties" is a medium country rock, maybe not of the most favorable songs from this album, "Planet Of New Orleans" has the same qualities of the previous song. After listening to these two songs, there is luck in the last track, "How Long" returns back to the good ol' country sound.

    On Every Street captures different styles of music, where previous Dire Straits albums resembled the same rock style they were famous for. Exploring in countryish styles on this album, it was pave the way for Mark Knopfler's solo career, as he enjoyed country styles. It interesting to listen to Knopfler's solo works, as WSVNRadio does not have any of his solo albums, as of this date. I'm sure we will be planning on reviewing his solo works in the future. As for On Every Street, it will be different for the common Dire Straits fan, but it is entertaining, and will be enjoyed even more by Country fans.

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