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Linda Ronstadt
"Prisoner In Disguise"

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Year of Release: 1975

track listing
  • Love Is A Rose
  • Hey Mister
    That's Me Up On
    The Jukebox
  • Roll Um Easy
  • Tracks Of My Tears
  • Prisoner In Disguise
  • Heat Wave
  • Many Rivers To Cross
  • The Sweetest Gift
  • You Tell Me
    That I'm Falling Down
  • I Will Always Love You
  • Silver Blue

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    Linda Ronstadt
    "Prisoner In Disguise"

    Linda Ronstadt returns with her 1975 release, Prisoner In Disguise, an album that has a very good gentle sound. Country Rock to some, California Rock as in The Eagles, best describes this album. Although there were no major hits from this release -- the notable songs are Motown covers, and insterestingly enough, many songs on this release were from well-known songwriters who would be either popular on their own or with other groups.

    Neil Young's "Love Is A Rose" is a great song, having a good Country feel. James Taylor's "Hey Mister, That's Me Up On The Jukebox" has the pleasant sound as in the Eagles' ballads. "Roll Um Easy" was wriiten by Little Feat's Lowell George, and it does have a sound that was heard in most of Ronstadt's most popular hits -- a good gentle Rock style.

    Ronstadt has always recorded Motown classics extremely well. Smokey Robinson's "Tracks Of My Tears" is no exception. The title track, written by The Eagles' J.D. Souther, who also helps out on background vocals, has a more theatrical approach. A very impressive ballad, this one does stand out as an exceptional interesting song to listen to, with repeated listens. Her version of the Motown classic "Heat Wave" (originally done Martha & The Vandellas), rocks just as good as the original, adding a more rock flavor than the soul of it.

    Another remake is Jimmy Cliff's "Many Rivers To Cross." Many artists have covered this song, as it appealed to more of a gospel approach, yet Ronstadt's version is very impressive as well. Emmylou Harris helps out on background vocals on the J.B. Coats track, "The Sweetest Gift," another beautiful well-done ballad.

    Artists such as Maria Muldair (background vocals) and James Taylor (Acoustic Guitar) helps out on "You Tell Me That I'm Falling Down," another nice pleasant soft Country Rock tune. came about in the bio movie Walk The Line, as he was singing this song in a very sad and very slow manner. The song was later changed to how it sounds today.

    The last two tracks are both exceptional lovely ballads: Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You" is just as good as the original, and even better than the one that was in that Bodyguard movie (as Dolly's was too). J.D. Souther returns to help on background vocals on another song he wrote, "Silver Blue," another nice ballad.

    Prisoner In Disguise is one of those albums you can simply just relax to. It has some very well-done pleasant ballads, and not many songs are in a true upbeat and fast rock style. It's a pleasant album, for those pleasant times. Most fans relate to the most popular songs of Linda Ronstadt, but it's a treat to listen to the other songs she recorded, and most notably, seeing the songwriters of those tracks as well, knowing that they are popular as singers, as well as songwriters.

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