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Doug Sahm
"The Return Of Wayne Douglas"

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Year of Release: 2000

track listing
  • Beautiful Texas Sunshine
  • Oh No! Not Another One
  • Love Minus Zero/
    No Limit
  • You Was For Real
  • Cowboy Peyton Place
  • They'll Never Take Her
    Love From Me
  • Huggin' Thin Air
  • Yesterday Got In
    The Way
  • I Can't Go Back To Austin
  • Dallas Alice
  • I Don't Trust No One
    When It Comes To
    My Heart
  • Texas Me

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    Doug Sahm
    "The Return Of Wayne Douglas"

    Doug Sahm was a genius. He was a member of the Sir Douglas Quintet, and distinguished an incredible solo career. My first introduction to Sahm was listening to his first solo album Doug Sahm And Band from one of my older brother's record collection. This album would include fellow musicians Bob Dylan and Dr. John helping Sahm for this album. Decades later, I would start collecting his music, and his album Doug Sahm And Band was not on CD yet. (It was just recentled reissued on CD, along with other of his solo albums.) WSVNRadio debuted Sahm's music with Texas Tornados, a band he would form with Country legend Freddy Fender. This week, WSVNRadio looks at what would be a posthumous album released in the year 2000, The Return Of Wayne Douglas. (The name comes from reversing his first and middle name, and using this name would showcase his more country side of music.) Doug Sahm passed away of a heart attack in his sleep shortly after his 58th birthday, in 1999.

    There really isn't a bad song on this album. It's a great album of true country-sounding music. Songs such as "Beautiful Texas Sunshine" and "Yesterday Got In The Way" brings back the old Country, where it just doesn't sound this way in today's Country Music. "Beautiful Texas Sunshine" could have easily been recorded by the Eagles in the their early career. "Yesterday Got In The Way" takes you back to the 1970s too, with its great fitting country sound.

    "Oh No! Not Another One" has a more novelty country sound, the Bob Dylan "Love Minus Zero/No Limit" has the great steel country guitar, as many other songs on this release. And on that note, the rest of the album is a great showcase of what Country music SHOULD sound like, including Sahm's voice, bringing out the Country vocal as it is meant to be.

    For anyone who truly enjoys old-fashioned County music, Doug Sahm's The Return Of Wayne Douglas will be a true treasure. His solo albums are also worth buying, with repeated listens to worth listening to, over and over. Doug Sahm left us way too early, but he left behind a great career of Country, Tex-Mex, R&B, Blues music that anyone who enjoys these kinds of music will listen to Doug Sahm, and want to listen to him more. Doug Sahm is truly missed, his music is what Country was meant to sound like. He proved this when listening to the last track "Texas Me" (likewise throughout the whole album), with his nice little speech at the beginning of the song, and what is eerie is at the end, with his answering machine message; it would be the last we would hear of Doug, as in his message he said "Adios."

    A lot of great talent came from Texas, and Doug Sahm was no exception.

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