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Terry Stafford

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Year of Release: 1994 Rating:

track listing
  • Suspicion
  • Margarita
  • Playing With Fire
  • Invitation To A Kiss
  • Slowly But Surely
  • For You My Love
  • She Wishes I Were You
  • Pocket Full Of Rainbows
  • Everything I Need
  • I'll Touch A Star
  • Everybody Has Somebody
  • Kiss Me Quick

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    Terry Stafford

    Terry Stafford was best known for the song "Suspicion" -- a song that Elvis Presley had recorded, yet Stafford's Elvis-sounding voice was more popular than Elvis' version. (Presley's version of this song can be found on his box set From Nashville To Memphis: The Essential 60's Masters.) Stafford would not have a series of other hits that would be best remembered, (yet, he did write a song that would be famous by George Strait -- "Amarillo By Morning.") Sad to say, Stafford passed away in 1996 of liver problems. Suspicion from Collectables Records does capture songs from his career, from 1964 and the Crusaders label.

    "Margarita," "Playing With Fire," "Invitation To A Kiss," "Slowly But Surely" -- these songs are either hits or (most preferably) misses. She Wishes I Were You -- has an Elvis approach in some instances, but "Pocketful Of Rainbows" and "Everything I Need" has Stafford's vocals not like Elvis, but kinda bad to listen to. "Everybody Has Somebody" could be a Elvis song, from one of his B-movies, and Stafford's impersonation of Elvis (if he did), isn't exactly as great as it was on "Suspicion." "Kiss Me Quick" is another least favorite.

    As much as "Suspicion" sounded almost like an Elvis impersonation, the rest of his songs song anything but. His voice has a quiver that can be a bit distracting and annoying. The interesting fact while listening to this CD, is how the vocals were heard on one channel, the music on the other, a popular trend in recording during this time of Rock & Roll.

    With the exception of "Suspicion," it's easy to hear that all the other songs: 1) They do not sound like Elvis, 2) A lot of them are quite lame, 3) Terry Stafford could easily be recognized as a One-Hit Wonder. "Suspicion" is the only great song from this collection, but, it is interesting to hear his other "hits," and seeing if he would sound like Elvis Presley, as other singers did such as Ral Donner and even Conway Twitty when he started out during the early years of Rock n Roll. In summary, Terry Stafford was best known for his Elvis-sounding "Suspicion" and that song alone.

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