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Taylor Dayne
"Can't Fight Fate"

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Year of Release: 1989

track listing
  • With Every Beat
    Of My Heart
  • I'll Be Your Shelter
  • Love Will Lead You Back
  • Heart Of Stone
  • You Can't Fight Fate
  • Up All Night
  • I Know The Feeling
  • Wait For Me
  • You Meant The World
    To Me
  • Ain't No Good

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    Taylor Dayne
    "Can't Fight Fate"

    Taylor Dayne achieved her only #1 song from her second album, Can't Fight Fate: "Love Will Lead You Back". A touching ballad, she would have other hits that were more upbeat, such as the title of her first album, "Tell It To My Heart". Can't Fight Fate does feature upbeat dance numbers, some of which were hits.

    There are mostly upbeat Pop/Rock numbers on this release. The Tina Turner-ish "I'll Be Your Shelter" gets the groove going, alongside the common 1990s sound from most female performers of this decade; songs such as "Heart Of Stone," "Wait For Me" and "You Meant The World To Me" all could easily have been recorded by the likes of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey.

    Yet there are some songs that have a more Rock-styled sound, as in "You Can't Fight Fate" and "Up All Night." The ballad "I Know The Feeling" is good, yet her #1 "Love Will Lead You Back" is much better. Closing out the album is a good, soulful song, "Ain't No Good."

    Can't Fight Fate has its moments. It is a a good album, yet it's just a group of songs that are in the mold of other popular female singers who would later surface in the 1990s decade. Taylor Dayne's voice is unique, and some songs has her voice a little bit annoying. Yet it's her #1 ballad from this release that is the standout, and to choose one upbeat song, it would be the opening track, "With Every Beat Of My Heart." Again, this album has its moments, but there were far other better female singers than that of Taylor Dayne.

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