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Brian Wilson

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Year of Release: 1998

track listing
  • Your Imagination
  • She Says That
    She Needs Me
  • South American
  • Where Has Love Been
  • Keep An Eye On Summer
  • Dream Angel
  • Cry
  • Lay Down Burden
  • Let Him Run Wild
  • Sunshine
  • Happy Days

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    Brian Wilson

    Brian Wilson -- known for being a musical genius, yet he developed personal problems, such as mental illness, drug abuse, schizophrenia/bipolar disorder. He was a person hard to get along with, but his songwriting with the Beach Boys, and on his own proved that his music abilities could overpower his mental state. As for his solo releases, Imagination is an album where if the Beach Boys still remained together, it would be easily be a Beach Boys album. Released in 1998, Imagination would becomme his fourth solo album of his career, and his second of new material. Upon hearing the reviews, it was reported that it sounded just like a Beach Boys release. And listening throughout, the reviews were correct.

    The title track was co-written by Wilson, Joe Thomas, and Chicago radio DJ Steve Dahl (What a surprise to learn of this, being a fan of Dahl, listening to him in his heyday with Garry Meier on WLUP). This song is my personal favorite from this solo album. "She Says That She Needs Me" brings back the original Beach Boys sound; not only with Wilson's voice, but the instrumentation. "South American" also has the Beach Boys style, maybe sounding in their later years. "Where Has Love Been" has a gentler Beach Boys sound. "Keep An Eye On Summer" is very impressive; having a early rock and roll 1950s sound, and easily comparing to the summer sounds of the Beach Boys' music.

    "Dream Angel" (co-written by Ides' Of March/Survivor's Jim Peterik) also has the Pop style of the Beach Boys. "Cry" has a dreamy, cool summer style. "Lay Down Burden" is another impressive tune, having a Latin feel, as in the music of Enrique Igleasias. When the vocals kick in, it's definitely another Beach Boys sounding incredible tune. "Let Him Run Wild" is a remake of a Beach Boys tune, having an updated sound, and as always, showcasing the Beach Boys' sound. "Sunshine" is good, maybe not as equally standing out as the other songs, likewise "Happy Days" seems to have a moody, different style.

    Brian Wilson's Imagination brings back the summer sounds of the Beach Boys. It's a great album to enjoy in the warm summer season. Brian Wilson is a musical genius. It's sad to learn that he was jealous of the Beatles, him wanting the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds to become as equally popular and famous as Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The Beach Boys cannot be compared to any bands that were popular during their prime. The Beach Boys will always be considered one of the greatest American bands to surface from the 1960s and Popular Music.

    Wilson's health has improved, and he has released more solo releases after Imagination. Give your imagination a spin on this solo album. It's a wonderful, dreamy ride, giving off a warm feeling, whether it be in the overall seasons of spring, summer, fall, or winter.

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