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Ramsey Lewis Trio
"The In Crowd"

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Year of Release: 1965

track listing
  • The In Crowd
  • Since I Fell For You
  • Tennessee Waltz
  • You Been Talkin'
    'Bout Me Baby
  • Love Theme From
  • Felicidade (Happiness)
  • Motherless Child
  • Come Sunday
  • The Party's Over

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    Ramsey Lewis Trio
    "The In Crowd"

    The Ramsey Lewis Trio's most memorable hit was "The 'In' Crowd." Either with vocals (Dobie Gray) or the instrumental (Lewis), it is one of Jazz's most recognized songs. Lewis' "In" Crowd is a live album (recorded at the Bohemian Caverns in Washington D.C.). Each song truly defines the old school traditional jazz, long before what is popular today, Smooth Jazz. The old school jazz have two instruments as standouts, the piano and the standup bass. The Ramsey Lewis Trio consisted of Lewis on piano, Eldee Young on bass and cello, and Issac "Red" Holt on drums.

    "Since I Fell For You" (Lenny Welch) defines perfect jazz as it should sound like. "Tennessee Waltz" is not the Patti Page version, as it once again defines great traditional Jazz. "You Been Talkin' 'Bout Me Baby" is another good, traditional jazz number. "Love Theme From Spartacus" (the Stanley Kubrick film) has a romantic feel at the beginning and end. In between, it has an erotic Jazz feel.

    Upbeat and snappy numbers are "Felicidade (Happiness)," and "The Party's Over." Traditional Jazz returns with "Come Sunday" and "Motherless Child" is a bonus track on the CD version.

    A great rendition of Traditional Jazz, The In Crowd by the Ramsey Lewis Trio is definitely "IN" -- picture a night out on the town in a nice, classy jazz club with the perfect atmosphere of great jazz to listen to.

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    Previous Review: #1125
    Dr. Demento--Demento's Mementos
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