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Carol Blaze

© All Terrain Vehicles Musi Year of Release: 2000

track listing
  • Drift
  • Carol Blaze
    (My Mind Is Going)
  • Like Water
  • Where The Night Is Calling
  • Heavy Rollers
  • Lone Driver
  • Empire
  • Creeping
  • Find Some Love
  • After Great Pain
  • One Summer Day
  • Temp Oral Love
  • Staring ... Not Too Long
  • This Never Ends (Xtra Mix)
  • The Dream

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    Carol Blaze

    Carol Blaze is the creation of Pittsburgh musician/drummer A.T. Vish. His music is best described as "a world of cyber-space, analog performance, and dark imagination. Originally concerived as the soundtrack to a fictional character by the same name, A.T. Vish set out to create music filtered through his own musical sensibilities and limitation. Spanning psychedelia, goth, darkwave, and rock, the music is the product of a confused sexual relationship between Nick Cave, The Sneaker Pimps, Bowery Electric, Tangerine Dream, Peter Gabriel, U2, and Monster Magnet." (This quote was taken from A.T. Vish's page.) Carol Blaze was introduced to WSVNRadio as one of the songs on our Hall Of Fame series, Volume 8.

    The opening track, "Drift" sounds like the title -- it's easy, cool, drifting along smoothly. "Carol Blaze (My Mind Is Going)" is an Alternative Rocker, as in Nine Inch Nails, as was featured on The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 8.

    "Like Water" has a gothic and dark atmosphere, even a bit gregorian. "Where The Night Is Calling" has a traditional Alternative Hard Rock sound. "Heavy Rollers" shows a softer side in sound, yet it's theatrical. "Lone Driver," just as the opening instrumental "Drifting," is cool, and easy, and is good music for a soundtrack movie.

    "Empire" is another dark and goth sounding encounter, and mysterious. Fans of U2 will enjoy songs such as "Creeping, "Find Some Love," "One Summer Day," "Temp Oral Lobe." Progressive fits "After Great Pain." A long dark tunnel journey has the instrumental "Staring... Not Too Long" has the listener wondering more. "This Never Ends (Xtra Mix)" keeps the journey onward, in listening mystery. The eerie music of Hawkwind and the early Pink Floyd comes to mind on this track. The eerieness continues on the last track, "The Dream."

    Carol Blaze's introMonius is an introduction to mystery, suspense, and entertaining Industrial/Alternative Rock music. A.T. Vish's vocals do resemble U2's Bono, yet the mix of his voice and his music creates a darker atmosphere than that of the upbeat music of U2. The instrumentals easily fits a dark soundtrack, making the music (and movie) more tempting to listen to (and watch, in a movie's sense).

    introMonius is a dark adventure. It's a mysterious journey. It is an experience in sound and whatever the listener can develop in sight. A.T. Vish's future is very promising, as to includimg his music on "interesting" soundtracks. Check out his sites, at --- ---

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