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Cruisin' Series
"Cruisin' 1962-Russ Weird Beard Knight"

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Year of Release: 1987

track listing
  • KLIF News Headlines
  • Soldier Boy--
    The Shirelles
  • KLIF Summer
  • I Need Your Lovin'--
    Don Gardner &
    Dee Dee Ford
  • This Knight's Bullseye
  • Hey Baby--
    Bruce Channel
  • KLIF Master Control
  • Let Me In--
    The Sensations
  • What's Your Name--
    Don & Juan
  • KLIF Station I.D.
  • Duke Of Earl--
    Gene Chandler
  • You'll Lose
    A Good Thing--
    Barbara Lynn
  • Gillette Commercial
  • The Wanderer--
  • KLIF E.S.P. Promo
  • Flying High
    In The Dallas Sky
  • Sealed With A Kiss--
    Brian Hyland
  • KLIF D.J. Trading
    Stamp Promo
  • I Know
    (You Don't Love Me
    No More)--
    Barbara George

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    Cruisin' Series
    "Cruisin' 1962-Russ Weird Beard Knight"

    The Cruisin' Series reviews continues as the year 1962 is featured this week. (The Cruisin' Series is a look at rock & roll DJs who were popular from 1955 - 1970.) WSVNRadio has featured the following years: (1958; Jack Carney, 1964; Johnny Holliday, 1955; Jumping George Oxford, 1960; Dick Biondi, 1965; Robert W. Morgan, 1961; Arnie Woo Woo Ginsburg, and this week's review is from 1962 -- Russ Weird Beird Knight, from radio station KLIF, Dallas, Texas.

    Who was Russ Weird Beard Knight? As you hear the opening of his show heard here, it seems to be a flashback to another very popular DJ -- Wolfman Jack; not as "shocking" as the Wolfman was, but there's a lot of fast-talking chatter. What's interesting are the commercials -- L&M Cigarettes -- cigarettes are not advertised on TV or radio these days. Gillette was another sponsor, and it was also a sponsor on the 1961 Dick Biondi show.

    KLIF Master Control travels into a War of the Worlds skit, interesting to listen to, as this is something we don't hear anymore on local radio. The jingles are awesome to listen to, especially the one that is almost identical to what The Who used on their album, "Rock & Roll Radio London.. whoopee!"

    I used to own the original vinyl recordings, but when they reissued them on CD, many of the original songs from the shows were omitted. Some of the songs such as "I Need our Lovin'" by Don Gardner & Dee Dee Ford, "Let Me In" by The Sensations, "I Know (You Don't Love Me No More)" by Barbara George may not be remembered, and these songs were probably substituted for the CD release.

    It's obvious the original songs were not on CD, due to copyrights, where listening and knowing the original recordings well, would spoil the entertainment value when listening to the Cruisin' Series on CD. Which also has me wondering why they stopped after the year 1970. Like on the TV show WKRP in Cincinnati, many of the popular songs were deleted from the show when it was in syndication, and this was the biggest complaint when the first season was released on DVD. Maybe in the long travels, WKRP and the Cruisin' Series will agree on the original copyrights, and be released again.

    This show with Russ Weird Beard Knight is a fairly good show. The commercials and the skits are entertaining, and these are sources no longer heard in today's radio. There's fast-talking chatter, common back to the early days of rock & roll radio. There are better radio shows from this series than this one, but overall, it's what radio was, and part of radio history.

    So again, who was Russ "Weird Beard" Knight?" Most of the DJs from this series I did not know, just by the names themselves. Being from Chicago, Dick Biondi's name was easily recognized, although his Cruisin' 1961 show was from Buffalo, New York. Biondi would be famous in Chicago on radio stations WCFL and WLS. On a good note, the Cruisin' 1970 release features WLS, and DJ Kris Erik Stevens. I don't remember him growing up, but the fact of listening to the old WLS when it was a rock station does bring back fond memories. I'm hoping that if they do release the radio DJ shows from the 1970s, they will feature WCFL and Larry Lujack. There is a website that sells old Chicago Radio Shows -- -- It would be a good idea to browse through that site, and pick up a few of Lujack's broadcasts, and go back to memory lane, by viewing the other Chicago radio personalities there.

    The Cruisin' Series can be found at

    UPDATE: It has been informed that Russ "The Weird Beard" Knight passed away, on Friday, October 12, 2012. He was 80 years old. His real name was Russell Lee Moore, but was better known as his DJ name, Russ "The Weird Beard" Knight. He was a radio personality at many stations, but was best known at KLIF, Dallas. He was self-proclaimed as the "savior of Dallas radio." More on his life and obituary, here.

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