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John Fogerty

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Year of Release: 1998

track listing
  • Born On The Bayou
  • Green River
  • Susie Q.
  • I Put A Spell On You
  • Who'll Stop The Rain
  • Premonition
  • Almost Saturday Night
  • Rockin' All Over
    The World
  • Joy Of My Life
  • Down On The Corner
  • Centerfield
  • Swap River Days
  • Hot Rod Heart
  • The Old Man
    Down The Road
  • Bad Moon Rising
  • Fortunate Son
  • Travelin' Band

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    John Fogerty

    It had been a decade since we heard from John Fogerty in the year 1985. Fogerty gave up the music business after Creedence Clearwater Revival, and two unnoticed solo albums in the early 1970s. (A third was to be released, but never happened.) His "comeback" album, Centerfield welcomed him back with open arms to the music business. However, Fogerty made note that after Centerfield was released, he would not play any of the songs from CCR, that first made him famous on future tours. This was due to still ongoing contract problems with his former record company. Time had passed, and eventually Fogerty would take the stage, playing not only his current solo recordings, but his famous CCR hits as well. By the time 1998's live Premonition, he had already released 3 studio albums since 1985. Premonition showcased Fogerty in full form, with songs by CCR, solo, and a few new recordings.

    Although his voice has certained aged, his guitar playing is still as good as he was during his CCR heyday. Such as the case on "I Put A Spell On You," his voice may not be as rough-edged as the original version, (and this on many other roughed vocal'd songs) -- his guitar solo is still as haunting. His voice has a great appeal on "Susie Q." The soft ballad "Who'll Stop The Rain" has both his voice and instrumentation still shining. Rocking, rough-edge vocal tunes such as "Born On The Bayou", "Green River," and "Rockin' All Over The World" still rock, and giving his own voice a little less edge still makes these classics great live.

    Fogerty recently experimented in Bluegrass, as "Joy Of My Life" (originally from Blue Moon Swamp is still one of the best songs from Fogerty, as it shows his gentle side (the song is dedicated to his wife). Other songs from Blue Moon Swamp are "Swamp River Days" and "Hot Rod Heart." (The latter song of the two, could easily have fitted Centerfield)

    As mentioned, Fogerty's voice may not have the rough-edges as he once had, yet he still knows how to rock, as that never grew old with his age. It's still a very good live album, and John Fogerty would be extremely entertaining in today's concerts. There was a rumor that he would have played the Halftime show at Superbowl (with Paul McCartney). Obviously, McCartney spotlighted that year on his own. But still, with the other acts dominating the Halftime Shows (Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Prince, Bruce Springsteen) -- Fogerty would be an awesome addition to add to a future Superbowl Halftime Show.

    As I think about the future, I can easily see Fogerty being part of a another major supergroup, such as the Traveling Wilburys. This is just a thought: John Fogerty, Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson, and adding a female to that list, Bonnie Raitt. Hopefully we can see such a supergroup. I can see their name as patriotic, as most of them have already performed and/or written patriotic-themed songs.

    And then again, I think of another "supergroup" but it's not really one: The sons of the Beatles't getting together: Julian Lennon, James McCartney, Dhani Harrison, Zak Starkey. We can dream, can't we?

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