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World Party
"Private Revolution"

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Year of Release: 1986

track listing
  • Private Revolution
  • Making Love
    (To The World)
  • Ship Of Fools
  • All Come True
  • Dance Of The Hoppy Lads
  • It Can Be Beautiful
  • The Ballad Of
    The Little Man
  • Hawaiian Island World
  • All I Really Want To Do
  • World Party
  • It's All Mine

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    World Party
    "Private Revolution"

    World Party may not be a popular band name, yet one of their songs was getting heavy airplay on FM radio -- "Ship Of Fools."

    The album starts off with a typical 1980s Pop-sounding song, being the title track. "Making Love (To The World)" is another '80s-sounding tune, yet more of a Duran Duran-ish style (another popular '80s band). As for "Ship Of Fools," it reminds me another '80s band, that some may or may not have heard of: Echo & The Bunnymen ("Killing Moon"). (If you've never heard of them, think of U2.)

    "All Come True" continues the '80s Pop, yet it sounds like an updated "Solitary Man" by Neil Diamond. "Dance Of The Happy Lads" is a short piece, having a very British ditty sound. (World Party was a band from England...) "It Can Be Beautiful (Sometimes)" is one of those instrumental songs that is very relaxing, and for those times you want to listen to something, to just get away from it all.

    "The Ballad Of The Little Man" has an Bob Dylan-ish style, as heard on "Subterranean Homesick Blues." And speaking of Dylan, definitely Dylan, even an impersonation of his singing voice, on "Hawaiian Island World." And the Dylan-written song, "All I Really Want To Do" (also recorded by The Byrds), is also here. This version is the Dylan-recorded version (can't help to mention the Dylan impersonation again...)

    "World Party" returns to the sound heard on songs from the beginning of this album -- Not as Pop '80s, more like World Party standard '80s Rock. "It's All Mine" is another '80s Pop, as heard previously, having the Dylan voice.

    Private Revolution is a good '80s album. It took a whole different direction, having the Dylan-sounding tunes. For those who like the '80s Pop/Rock sounding tunes, it did throw you off with Dylan. "Ship Of Fools" is the best track, as this song did much better in the U.S., than the band's start in the UK. Private Revolution was the band's debut album, in 1986. From 1990 to 2000, they released four more albums. The band's leader, Karl Wallinger, has been the main source member. In fact, the band's sole member. World Party has toured in both the U.S. and the U.K., having most popularity in the U.K.

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