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Enoch Light
"Stereo 35/MM"

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Year of Release: 1961

track listing
  • Heat Wave
  • The Man I Love
  • I've Got A Crush Over You
  • All The Way
  • My Romance
  • You Do Something To Me
  • Zing Went The Strings
    Of My Heart
  • Someone To Watch
    Over Me
  • Love For Sale
  • I'll See You Again
  • I See Your Face Before Me
  • With A Song In My Heart

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    Enoch Light
    "Stereo 35/MM"

    I've never heard of Enoch Light, when I learned that he had 2 #1 Pop Albums. In trying to discover his music, his original LPs were not available on CD. Luckily, thanks to and visting local thrift stores, I was able to find many of his original LP recordings. And after listening to his music, I scratch my head, and ask, "Why isn't this guy on CD?"

    Enoch Light was a popular band leader from the pre-years of Rock & Roll. His #1 albums were "Stereo 35/MM" and "Persuasive Percussion." I was fortunate to find a few of his Persuasive LPs at a local thrift store. Stereo 35/MM is this week's review, and to be quite honest, this is a wonderful collection of big band / jazz music, and has to be one of the most incredible sounding records I have heard in a long time. Incorporating string instruments, and even the electric guitar, this music should turn a lot of heads, and once again, the question still remains, "Why isn't this guy on CD?" Although there are a few of his recordings on CD, it's his peak recordings that are truly amazing to listen to.

    The popular "Heat Wave" is simply great; there isn't anything wrong with this upbeat jazz version. Movie music from the 1950s comes to mind on "The Man I Love," where the popular "I've Got A Crush On You" has a very sexy atmosphere. Simply beautiful pieces are "All The Way" and "My Romance." "You Do Something To Me," and the popular "Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart" have the snappy, jazzy, full orchestrated sound.

    Which pretty much describes the remaining songs, as they showcase some incredible full-orchestrations: "Someone To Watch Over Me," "Love For Sale," "I'll See You Again," "I See Your Face Before Me," "With A Song In My Heart" are all incredible pieces, easily fitting a nice dinner atmosphere, romantic movie music, or just enjoying listening to this music in your easychair.

    There's no doubt: Enoch Light's Stereo 35/MM is an incredible work of art in music. For Jackie Gleason fans, Enoch Light's music could be a likely comparison. For the easy listening fan in general, Light's music is just that, light, relaxing, simply beautiful.

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