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Year of Release: 1999

track listing
  • (Da Le) Yalleo
  • Love Of My Life
  • Put Your Lights On
  • Africa Bamba
  • Smooth
  • Do You Like The Way
  • Maria Maria
  • Migra
  • Corazon Espinado
  • Wishing It Was
  • El Farol
  • Primavera
  • The Calling
  • Day Of Celebration

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    Gary Allan--See If I Care

    "When he was 52... It was a very good year..." ("A Very Good Year"; Frank Sinatra -- "When I was 17, 21, 35, it was a very good year...")

    1999 truly was the year of the comeback kid, known as Carlos Santana. His Arista release, Supernatural would become his most popular album to date. In the early 1970s, he accomplished 2 Number One albums (Abraxas [1970]; Santana 3 [1971]). Not only would he accomplish another #1 album in 1999, Supernatual gave him 2 Number One hits in his long career: "Smooth" and "Maria Maria". Also making Supernatural the smash hit album it would become, Santana featured many popular artists to participate with him: Dave Matthews, Everlast, Rob Thomas, Cee-Lo, Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, Mana, Eagle-Eye Cherry, and Eric Clapton.

    Santana highlights himself on five tracks. The first is the opener, "(Da Le) Yalleo". Listening to the guitar work easily identifies Santana's traditional Latin style. Dave Matthews sings lead on the radio favorite, "Love Of My Life," one of many great tracks on this release. Everlast's cool and easy vocals makes "Put Your Lights On" another easy favorite.

    The Latin style is truly entertaining on the Carlos Santana vocal'd "Africa Bamba." Rob Thomas sings lead on what would be Santana's first #1 song of his career, "Smooth." Unless you were born yesterday, this song was truly a standout and very popular song, as it remained at #1 for many weeks.

    For Rap fans. Cee-Lo & Lauryn Hill provide the vocals on "Do You Like The Way." As much as the Latin-styled songs stand out far better than the Rap tunes, you have to give Carlos Santana credit for satisfying today's current music for those who enjoy Rap music. "Maria Maria" (the second #1 song from this release) has Wyclef Jean providing the vocals in a more Reggae flavor.

    Santana himself returns with "Migra," as it has a more harder rock Latin style. Mana provides the vocals on "Corazon Espinado"; as, like "Smooth" is a very cool and grooving Latino-styled number, as it could be second best to "Smooth" (although "Maria Maria" would accomplish that). Another cool Latino-styled song has Eagle-Eye Cherry providing the vocals -- "Wishing It Was."

    "El Farol" showcases what Carlos Santana does best -- his instrumental guitar. This song could easily get the nod for Smooth Jazz formats -- very cool. The cool rock Latin rhythms returns on another Carlos Santana number, "Primavera." Is it Latin, or is it Blues? Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana battle it out on the guitar instrumental, "The Calling."

    There is an untitled/bonus track -- "Day Of Celebration" is another rock-driven instrumental, having some jazz inspirations as well.

    Supernatural definitely has the right title -- it would become Carlos Santana's most successful album of his career. His next release was Shaman, released in 2002. Like Supernatural it would become another #1 album, and having guest stars helping him out on various tracks. Shaman didn't exactly accomplish the same length in popularity as Supernatural, yet Santana once again duplicated his "with a little help from my friends" approach, and it may have given ideas to other "older" rockers to attempt the same accomplishments (ZZ Top was rumored to have had guest stars help them out on a future release, but it never became a reality.)

    Age does go well with Carlos Santana, as he proved that you're never too old to rock, and he does just that with his Latin sounds. And, getting some help from his fellow musical friends surely does help in the long run.

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    Previous Review: #1117
    Duran Duran--Duran Duran (1993)
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    Gary Allan--See If I Care