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The Three Degrees
"The Best Of The Three Degrees: When Will I See You Again"

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Year of Release: 1996

track listing
  • When Will I See You Again
  • Long Lost Lover
  • Can't You See What
    You're Doing To Me
  • Lonelier Are Fools
  • I Didn't Know
  • Here I Am
  • T.S.O.P.
    (The Sound Of
  • Dirty Ol' Man
  • Love Is The Message
  • Take Good Care Of Yourself
  • If And When
  • Year Of Decision
  • Everybody Gets To Go
    To The Moon (Live)
  • Get Your Love Back

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    The Three Degrees
    "The Best Of The Three Degrees: When Will I See You Again"

    The Philadelphia soul trio The Three Degrees were most famous for two songs in the 1970s: "When Will I See You Again," and the #1 hit "T.S.O.P. (The Sound Of Philadelphia" (featuring MFSB, which stood for Mother, Father, Sister, Brother). Coming from the sound and soul of Philadelphia in the 1970s, they were a recording trio (with many personnel changes) that would develop what many groups and artists who were to record from soulful Philadelphia into what would become a style of music that definitely showcased soulful, incredible music. Although The Three Degrees would not accomplish other hits such as the two mentioned, it is interesting to listen to their other songs and hits from their career.

    There are 14 songs in this collection, and the ones easily recognized for those who were living in the 1970s, and enjoying the music of this decade, were "When Will I See You Again" and "T.S.O.P." As for the others, they capture a great soulful sound, incorporated with what music was developing into a new genre: Disco. Although the fast rhythms of disco music is not on this 14-song collection, these songs have a more soulful approach, as many groups and artists were achieving during this era. There are comparisons to the likes of Motown artists, such as Diana Ross and/or The Supremes, (being the Three Degrees were a female trio, just as the Supremes).

    The trio's main website,, shows the trio all grown up, as they continue to perform today. Helen Scott, Valerie Holiday, and Cynthia Garrison are the current lineup. They frequent tours outside the U.S., and are available to contact through their site.

    They first formed in the 1960s, but they became more popular by recording songs written by the great soul team of (Kenny) Gamble & (Leon) Huff during the 1970s. Their music has been recognized as Pure Soul. Even if they were best known for just a few songs, this best of collection displays a great taste of great soulful music to be enjoyed, even for today's standards.

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    Brian Wilson--Imagination
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    Carol Blaze--Intromonius