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Year of Release: 1976

track listing
  • Love Love
  • Take Another Look
  • Streets Of London
  • I Lie Awake
    (And Dream Of You)
  • The Storm
  • Child Of The Streets
  • Leavin' Is
  • Fairweather Fan
  • Sante Fe
  • Show Me Your Love

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    Clover, a band from California, would record two albums in 1970 and 1971. The band would reform, and by 1977 they recorded two more albums, with a young vocalist by the name of Huey Lewis. He would share vocals on various tunes from the two albums they recorded -- Love On The Write [1977], and Unavailable [1978]. Clover never recorded again, and Huey Lewis would become a household name in the nid-1980s, with Huey Lewis & The News. Although the personnel of Huey Lewis & The News has changed throughout the years, they still tour and record. I was very fortunate to see them earlier this year with my fiancee (September 20, 2008, at The Venue, Hammond, Indiana). It was my first time seeing HLN, (3rd for my fiance, as she saw the original HLN). As expected, they performed an outstanding show.

    I was lucky to find both of Clover's albums on vinyl from ebay. would resurface the Clover albums as import CDs. The Unavailable album was entitled Clover on vinyl. I noticed that the Unavailable CD had the same song titles as Clover, and Huey Lewis was one of the vocalists. (The original lineup's first album was titled Clover, released in 1970.)

    "Love Love" starts off the album, and it definitely has a feel of what Huey Lewis & The News would later become, with its happy-go-lucky Pop sound. "Take Another Look" is pretty good. "Streets Of London" has a more soulful approach. "I Lie Awake (And Dream Of You)" is a very nice ballad, the vocals (both lead and background) are very well crooned; easily seeing how Huey Lewis would later sing accapella with the band that made him famous.

    "The Storm" is a cool and grooving tune. "Child Of The Streets" definitely has the sound of what would later become Huey Lewis & The News. Likewise, the early years of HLN is the style on the next track, "Leavin' Is." "Fairweather Man" is another nice Pop number. "Santa Fe" is another slow sounding tune, and it once again has great vocals from both lead and background. "Show Me Your Love" is a live recording, having a fast-driving Pop style.

    Clover's Unavailable had two vocalists: Alex Call (original member) and Huey Lewis. It's hard to determine which songs they sang on, but it's quite obvious the future of the Huey Lewis & The News sound is there on every song. Unavailable would be Clover's last major studio album recorded, and it's easy to hear how Huey Lewis would continue this particular sound into his own.

    There is an interesting fan site for Clover: There is a live album available (Live At The Paridiso, and The Sound Sessions. Looking at this site, there was a Best Of, from the first two albums (pre-Huey Lewis). All of the Clover albums are listed on this site, but not all of them are available on CD. Some of the band members purused successful careers after leaving Clover: Alex Call went solo, (although I don't know of his solo music). Guitarist John McFee would join The Doobie Brothers, bassist Johnny Ciambotti would become a session musician, performing with Elvis Costello (which Clover was the session band for Elvis Costello's first album, My Aim Is True, minus Huey Lewis; he was on vacation at the time). He also worked with John Prine, Carlene Carter, and Lucinda Williams. Keyboardist Sean Hopper would join Huey Lewis & The News. Drummer Mickey Shine would perform with Tommy Tutone.

    Of course, the most famous membrer on his own would be Huey Lewis. It's intersting enough to hear how Clover's sound would emerge into what would be one of the greatest "happy-go-lucky" bands in music history. Huey Lewis & The News is one of my all-time favorite bands. They still record, and when seeing them in concert this year, they mentioned that they would be working on a new album of new material, hopefully scheduled to be released in 2009.

    Clover was the humble beginnings of what would become "The Heart Of Rock And Roll." -- Huey Lewis & The News.

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