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Eddy Raven
"20 Favorites"

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track listing
  • Somebody Knockin'
  • Pressure Drop
  • Time Gone By
  • Shuffle It All
  • Bucket O' Trouble
  • How Will It Go
  • Cuttin' The Rug
  • Take A Look At The Guy
  • Come On Now Inside
  • Morning Tea

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    Eddy Raven
    "20 Favorites"

    Eddy Raven's 20 Favorites chronicles his later years, from the late 1980s and 1990s decade (Capitol Records). He accomplished six of his hits to reach #1 on the Country chart. I haven't found a complete compilation of all six #1's and more. (This was due to numerous different record labels.) 20 Favorites has only two #1's of his, which were the last two: "In A Letter To You" and "Bayou Boys."

    By the end of the 1990s decade, Country music had developed into a more Pop/Rock sound. Many tracks are like this on Raven's 20 Favorites, but it's still defined as Country. "Sooner Or Later" has the Country/Rock feel. Fans of the Oak Ridge Boys will enjoy the #1 "In A Letter To You." The 1990s updated sound is heard in "Cajun Song," yet, later in the song it kicks into an upbeat Cajun-styled sound.

    One artist come to mind in hearing tracks such as "Rock Me In The Rhythm Of Your Love," "Ain't Nothin' But A Heartache," "I Know That Car" -- Billy Ray Cyrus, who had skyrocketed to fame with his album Some Gave All, containing the ONLY hit which would remember him best: "Achy Breaky Heart." The songs mentioned has the updated late-1980s/early-1990s sound. Speaking of 1990s Country, "Johnny's Got A Pistol" had the "today" sound at the time it was released. His other #1 song "Bayou Boys" is not really considered one of his best songs in my opinion, and comparing this song to others on this compilation.

    "Somebody's Tearin' The Flag" is a ballad; we hear a patriotic side to Raven, despite the uncomfortable nature of its song title, dealing with our symbolic flag. "A Beautiful Mistake" is another ballad, comparing to the 1990s Billy Ray Cyrus, and even another artist who would emerge in the 2000decade, Gary Allan. Another nice ballad is the standard "The Twelfth Of Never." Alabama's style is heard on "Angel Fire," and "Island" compares to another ballad that Billy Ray Cyrus could have covered. "Too Much Candy For A Dime" is a good Country song, and reminds me of another popular Country artist, Rodney Crowell.

    The next two songs are moderate; other songs are better -- "I'm Not Like That Now," "Leon And Maggie," and "Like A Hurricane" have the typical Country sound, and these songs are ok, or good-or-better than others. "Watching It Go" and "Zydeco Lady" have a warm, tropical feeling. The last track was recorded by the Oak Ridge Boys, "Thank God For Kids," which Eddy Raven co-wrote with Troy Seals (Dan Seals' brother, and a member of Seals & Croft). Raven wrote/co-wrote many songs from this compilation, as he did throughout his entire career.

    By the 1990s, Country music was heading into a different sound; some say it sounded more like Rock music than the traditional Country. Eddy Raven's 20 Favorites is a very good compilation of his later years, and his music is still enjoyed by discovering this compilation, as well as his previous recorded works.

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