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Anthony Distefano
"Anthony Distefano"

© Anthony Distefano Records Year of Release: 2003

track listing
  • Aral
  • Samandalieu
  • Josephus
  • Vambido
  • The "I" Lives
  • A Cure (1 Theme)
  • A Cure (2nd Theme)
  • Klang
  • The Psyching Grounds
  • Aral (Ambient)

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    Anthony Distefano
    "Anthony Distefano"

    From The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame...

    Anthony Distefano's music was featured on our WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 9. "Vambido" was the selected track.

    Distefano, from Brooklyn, New York, and his music is best described from the 2002 online article:
    Anthony Distefano is a composer/performer of well-crafted pieces; he is from Brooklyn, NY and delves into the art of soundtrack music. He boasts that his pieces have been aired and awarded, and one of his songs became the theme to a TV program. His CD gives an almost classical sounding taste of his work; it is all keyboards, and it has that strange Tomita feel to it.

    A 4-song demo was the subject of this article, as he sent WSVNRadio his CD, consisting of 10 songs. Definitely eerie, each track has a horror-movie soundtrack feel. It could be a good backdrop for various Halloween movies. And, it can also be compared to some of Rick Wakeman's albums of similar music.

    There are no real standout tracks, just the fact that each song is mood elevating music, horror-movie soundtrack music. This music is captivating in its own right, for this particular style. Definitely music for an eerie story, Anthony Distefano sets the mood for the odd, mystery, and unusual settings.

    There isn't a website from Distefano, other than the article mentioned, regarding his music. It would be interesting to see such a site with more of his music and interests. (There is this site I did find on bandcamp.)

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