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Don Moore
"Axe Attack"

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track listing
  • Beyond The Sun
  • Eternity
  • I Died For You
  • Escape To Fantasy
  • Blood Stained Tears
  • All Hope Lost
  • Serenity
  • Devils Dance
  • Alone Inside
  • Hour Glass

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    Don Moore
    "Axe Attack"

    Don Moore is a powerful guitar instrumentalist, in the instrumental style of such other guitar greats as Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson, to name a few. His album, Axe Attack (great title for this style of music and his album) featured "Beyond The Sun," a song included on The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame, Volume 19. Greatly achieved, his powerful instrumentals from Axe Attack are all less than 3 minutes each. Following his fellow popular guitar heroes, Don Moore easily fits with them.

    "Beyond The Sun" leads off the album, as it is a powerful song. The guitar solos blends smoothly. "Eternity" is a mysterious blend of Moore's guitar rock. A more casual, laid-back style is heard on "I Died For You."

    There are some short numbers here, being clocked just a litle over 1 minute in length: The energetic "Escape To Fantasy," the experimental "All Hope Lost," the bluesy feel of "Devils Dance," and the powerful "Hour Glass."

    There's some very powerful music in the next 3 titles -- Moore's Rock style is just simplye powerful on "Blood Stained Tears," likewise on "Alone Inside." "Serenity" shows a more emotional Rock sound.

    No doubt about it, Don Moore's guitar axe playing is powerful and emotional. He easily can rank with the best of the guitarists fitting his style. Some songs could easily fit as a background for opening segments of radio talk shows. All in all, it's powerful music from the independent musician by the name of Don Moore.

    Don Moore has a cdbaby page: Click here.

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