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Kenny Chesney
"Be As You Are (Songs From An Old Blue Chair)"

© BNA Entertainment Record Year of Release: 2005

track listing
  • Old Blue Chair
  • Be As You Are
  • Guitars And Tiki Bars
  • Island Boy
  • Somewhere In The Sun
  • Boston
  • Something Sexy About
    The Rain
  • French Kissing Life
  • Key Lime Pie
  • Sherry's Living In Paradise
  • Magic
  • Soul Of A Sailor
  • Old Blue Chair (Ocean Mix)

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    Kenny Chesney
    "Be As You Are (Songs From An Old Blue Chair)"

    Throughout his career, there has been at least one song (if not more), from each of Kenny Chesny's albums that would produce #1 hits on the Country chart. However, for his 2005 release, Be As You Are (Songs From An Old Blue Chair), there weren't any songs from this album that would appear on the Country singles chart. However, "Guitars And Tiki Bars" was played on Country stations, based on unsolicited airplay.

    Kenny Chesney debuts on, as this week's Album Pick Of The Week. Easily comparing to the likes of Jimmy Buffett, his music is great to listen to, especially in the warm summer sun, as his music does produce a nice warm feeling throughout. His music has made him a superstar, with many of his songs reaching the #1 Country charts, as well as his albums reaching #1 on both the Country Albums chart, and the Pop Albums chart.

    Every song displays a more peaceful, relaxing, soothing atmosphere. This is the kind of album to relax to, on that warm sunny day, or having music play in the background while you work. It is probably obvious that there weren't any hit singles from this album, as most of Chesney's biggest hits have the more upbeat tempos, such as "When The Sun Goes Down," "Living In Fast Forward," to name a few. Every song on Be As You Are are just relaxing and smooth. This is the relaxing album, and it is very well-done.

    Aside from "gay rumours" about Kenny Chesney, the allegations are false, according to Chesney. Some still want to believe the rumours are true, while others refuse to believe if it is true, and just saying that the rumours are false to start with. It's not how one's sexual preference makes a music star a superstar. It's how they present their music. Elton John maybe gay, but to those with homophobias regarding the life style, they still respect Elton John as a musician. There are far numerous musicians who are in this lifetyle who come out of the closet later in their career (Clay Aiken), and on the American Idol side, there are the rumours of current contestants Adam Lambert and Kris Allen being gay. (Adam I can believe, but not Kris.) Whether or not the rumours are true or not, it's their music that is based here, and their music is what made them all popular in the first place.

    As for me, I am NOT gay, I am happily engaged to a wonderful WOMAN, whom I plan to spend the rest of my life with.

    As mentioned, it's the music that is what makes a popular artist popular. Kenny Chesney is no exception. Whether he really is gay or not (despite the rumours), I still enjoy his music, just as I enjoy Elton John's, Clay Aiken's, or (fill in another gay musician's name I may know of here.)

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