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Luther Vandross
"Dance With My Father"

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Year of Release: 2003

track listing
  • If I Didn't Know Better
  • Think About You
  • If It Ain't One Thing
  • Buy Me A Rose
  • The Closer I Get To You
  • Lovely Day
  • Dance With My Father
  • She Saw You
  • Apologize
  • Hit It Again
  • Right In The Middle
  • Once Were Lovers
  • Lovely Day (Part II)
  • They Said You
    Needed Me

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    Luther Vandross
    "Dance With My Father"

    Luther Vandross marks his debut on WSVNRadio with his 2003 release, Dance With My Father. On July 1, 2003, we lost Mr. Vandross, as he passed away at age 54, from an apparent heart attack. His Dance With My Father became his only #1 album of his career. With his many hits and albums, it's sad to learn that only one album from his career would reach the top. We could only imagine what other albums and songs would reach #1 if he hadn't died. The song, "Dance With My Father" was written by Luther Vandross and Richard Marx. This song, based on Vandross' memories of childhood dances with his father. It is one of the best written songs, both in lyrics and sound.

    Most obvious, there are the Luther Vandross styled love songs here, throughout the album. And quite truthfully, these are the songs that stand out the best, with "Dance With My Father" song being one of them. Songs such as the first two tracks, "If I Didn't Know Better" and "Think About You" are songs that could have easily sung by another giant in the Love Songs category, American Idol Season 2 winner, Ruben Studdard. Other standout Love Songs include "Apologize," "Once Were Lovers," and "They Said You Needed Me." Even the classic song (originally recorded by Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack, "The Closer I Get To You" (1978) has Luther Vandross and Beyonce Knowles in a duet, and is just as lovely and soulful as the original, with an updated touch. And speaking of another remake, is the Kenny Rogers song, "Buy Me A Rose," another great song, that placed Kenny Rogers at #1 with his version on the Country chart, in 2000. Vandross' version is exceptionally well, making his version another standout on this album.

    For the more updated section, "Right In The Middle" has a soulful feel, updating the current sound for Vandross, away from his traditional Love Song style. "She Saw You" has a Disco feel, yet it's updated to the current trends. The duet with Queen Latifah, "Hit It Again," is pretty good, but nothing really to jump up and down about. Speaking of, Luther Vandroos gets together with the current rap stars, such as Foxy Brown on "If It Ain't One Thing," and the two parter "Lovely Day" with Busta Rhymes. These three songs just didn't do anything for me, as it gets away from the traditional Luther Vandross Love Song sound we are more familiar with, and enjoy more of.

    But all in all, Dance With My Father is an excellent album. The traditional LV Love Songs are definitely the standouts, and some of these songs easily gets the repeat button, enjoying over and over. Luther Vandross will be greatly missed, as he was truly one of the best Love Song singers in music history. He left behind a legacy of music to be cherished for many generations to come, and I'm sure he will be an inspiration to tomorrow's Love Song singers.

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