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Year of Release: 1964

track listing
  • Main Title-Goldfinger--
    Shirley Bassey
  • Into Miami
  • Alpine Drive-
    Auric's Factory
  • Oddjob's Pressing
  • Bond Back In Action Again
  • Teasing The Korean
  • Gassing The Gangsters
  • Goldfinger
  • Dawn Raid On Fort Knox
  • The Arrival Of
    The Bomb And
  • The Death Of
    Goldfinger-End Titles
  • Golden Girl
  • Death Of Tilley
  • The Laser Beam
  • Pussy Galore's
    Flying Circus

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    We go to the movies this week, and an exceptional film and soundtrack from Goldfinger, the James Bond film. It was the 3rd James Bond film, with Sean Connery in the lead role. Exceptional as Connery's performances as Bond throughout his career (and to many, the best Bond every portrayed), the music does make the movie, as well as his exceptional chase and love scenes.

    The movie's soundtrack was composed, arranged and conducted by John Barry. His work in movie soundtracks has been exceptional throughout his career as well. He composed 11 James Bond films. He also composed the "James Bond Theme," although Monty Norman had written this particular piece, and took Barry to court. (The final outcome was that both men had composed at least part or maybe all of the song, and still is questionable of who is the one-true author. Another song I think of that could easily have "borrowed" from the "James Bond Theme" is "Secret Agent Man," most popular by Johnny Rivers.)

    Most will remember Shirley Bassey's vocal representation of the "Goldfinger" theme song. Where most may not know, is that Anthony Newley also recorded a vocal version. Newley's version was not on the original soundtrack, nor was it on this reissued version. (His version would be released on anniversary collection[s] of Bond music compilations.) The instrumental version is also on here, as originally appeared, and reissued version.

    The rest of the music is easily recognized as music from James Bond, using the familiar "James Bond Theme" and the "Goldfinger" song on various tracks. These songs are easily heard on tracks such as "Alpine Drive-Auric's Factory," "Oddjob's Pressing Engagement," "Bond Back In Action Again." "Into Miami" reminds me of another famous movie composer, Henry Mancini. Energy and excitement music captures "Dawn Raid On Fort Knox" and "The Arrival Of The Bomb And Count Down."

    Energetic, powerful instrumentational music is definitely heard on the soundtrack of Goldfinger. the 4 bonus tracks ("Golden Girl," "Death Of Tilley," "The Laser Beam," "Pussy Galore's Flying Circus") also have all the mystery, energy, and excitement as well.

    A great movie, a great soundtrack. We all can't help but say out loud the immortal phrase each actor said, when they indicate what their name is. -- "Bond... James Bond."

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