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"Weezer (Green Album)"

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Year of Release: 2001

track listing
  • Don't Let Go
  • Photograph
  • Hash Pipe
  • Island In The Sun
  • Crab
  • Knock-Down Drag-Out
  • Smile
  • Simple Pages
  • Glorious Day
  • O Girlfriend

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    "Weezer (Green Album)"

    Weezer, the band from Los Angeles, is labeled as an American Alternative Rock band. My first introduction to this band was the very impressive video, "Buddy Holly." In this video, Weezer performed on stage, at Al's, the famous resturant in the TV show, Happy Days. With the video techology, it was fun to see Al introduce the band, and seeing the famous characters from the TV show, enjoying the band. In later years, another song would impressive me, "Island In The Sun," a song from this week's Album Pick of the Week, and the debut of Weezer on

    When I think of Alternative Rock, I think of bands with a harder edge, such as Soundgarden, AudioSlave, and even more harder bands as Type O Negative and Metallica. Weezer's music on the Green album has more Pop-styling songs, such as the first two opening tracks, "Don't Let Go" and "Photograph." "Hash Pipe" does get more harder, maybe a little punkish, with its driving guitar rhythms. "Island In The Sun" definitely has a more Pop-styling sound.

    "Crab" and "Knock-Down Drag-Out" could pass as Alternative, but they have a more pleasant rock sound, compared to the much harder Alternative sounding bands. As this album continues, the songs are sounding more to fit the Alternative Rock format: "Smile," "Simple Pages, "Glorious Day." The closing tune, "O Girlfriend" has a Pop Rock sound.

    At it's conclusion, Weezer (Green) does have the Alternative Rock sounding style. Comparing their musical sound to that of Green Day is probaby the best example. Green is a very good album; their songs are poppish, and although it fits Alternative, it's not as loud (or annoying) as compared to the harder Alternative Rock bands. [I can easily listen to Weezer over such bands as Rage Against The Machine, Disturbed, and the likes.] Weezer is a good band, and this album proves their music can be easily listened to, rather than the "annoying" music genres that people are widely getting sick of (hearing about it, or even forced to listen).

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    Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band--The Anthology...So Far
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