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Silkk The Shocker
"Made Man"

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Year of Release: 1999

track listing
  • The Day I Was Made
  • Somebody Like Me
  • It Ain't My Fault 2
  • Ghetto Rain
  • This Is 4 My
  • Commercial One
  • You Know What We Bout
  • I Want To Be With You
  • All Because Of You
  • No Limit
  • End Of The Road
  • We Won't Stop
  • Mr. '99
  • It Takes More
  • If I Don't Make $
  • It's Going Around Outside
  • Put It On Something
  • Commercial Two
  • Southside Niggas
  • Get It Up
  • I'll Be Available
  • When I'm Gone
  • Use Your Head
  • Never Never Leave Me
  • Dear Lover

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    Silkk The Shocker
    "Made Man"

    This is one of those stories, where a band or artist has a popular album, and its follow-up should/would be an exceptional. Silkk The Shocker achieved a popular album in 1998, called Charge It 2 Da Game. This album reached #1 on the Hip-Hop chart. His next album, Made Man was release the following year, and reached the #1 Hot 100 Chart on Billboard Magazine. Unfortunately, by many reviews, this followup achieved negative reviews.

    And listening myself, I would have to agree.

    As much as Rap music is just too "noisy," and being filled with "hate" lyrics, referring to violence and sex, Rap songs and albums have dominated the charts since the late 1980s. Trying to distinguish how such a Rap album would achieve #1, is trying to understand the lyrics. Rap musicians mostly write their lyrics on personal and real-life experiences. Not most music fans would enjoy listening to how such a rapper spent his time or jail, or how male rappers would want to sexually molest females. (Have you ever heard a female ENJOYING wanting to molest anyone?) And of course, the many rappers who use swear words that would NEVER get regular radio airplay, other than re-recording these songs with cleaner lyrics. (Akon's "I Wanna Love You" comes to mind.) Aside from these "unique lyrics," the music itself has been enjoyable for some.

    Probably the only song with potential is a duet with R&B singer Mya. Maybe even "I Want To Be With You" could be considered a pleasant song, and not as "angry" as others. As mentioned, the music itself is quite grooving.

    Bad songs such as "It Ain' My Fault 2" have an angry vocal'ed style, as heard by DMX. (Actually, I can listen to DMX's music, and appreciate it better than Silkk The Shocker.) There are other songs in this particular style heard on Made Man, not worthwhile to mention. "All Because Of You" is an annoying beatbox spitter, and a melody sounding Kyu Sakomoto's "Suykiyaki." Ring around the BAD rosies has "Ghetto Rain" More bad songs could go on here... "No Limit."

    Most rap songs use other popular hits, such as the Commodores' "I'm Easy" on "End Of The Road." Again, the music is good, the lyrics are a different story... It's Rap. The music is pretty cool on "It Takes More," until the lyrics kick in. Another soft, pleasant song to the ear, is "It's Going Around Outside." Snoop Dogg helps out on the last track, "Get It Up."

    Like the reviews state, this "#1 Album" is BAD -- Just as the dictionary states. It's a hard album to listen to. It is very DMX-sounding on most of the tracks. Rap music in general just doesn't do alot for me, but Made Man reached #1 on the album chart (for only one week). I'm sure the die-hard Rap fans can understand this album better, and having a lyric sheet would help. Most of Rap's lyrics are hard to listen to, being too fast with the "boom boom boom" music.

    It's curious to listen to a #1 album in this sense. With his previous album being popular, it's expectant for the followup to be just as good. Made Man didn't do this, and by other reviewers, this album, and quoting them directly, "IT SUCKED."

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