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Phantom, Rocker & Slick
"Phantom, Rocker And Slick"

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track listing
  • What You Want
  • My Mistake
  • Hollywood Distractions
  • No Regrets
  • Well Kept Secret
  • Men Without Shame
  • Runnin' From The Hounds
  • Time Is On My Hands
  • Sing For Your Supper
  • Lonely Actions

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    Phantom, Rocker & Slick
    "Phantom, Rocker And Slick"

    Phantom, Rocker & Slick's self-titled debut release in 1985 displays basic rock & roll. Slim Jim Phantom and Lee Rocker were from the Stray Cats. With Earl Slick, they only released two albums, which to this day, has not seen the light on compact disc. Their second album, Cover Girl, was first reviewed on, and just as their first album, they both have great elements of what basic rock & roll really is.

    There is really not a bad song on this debut. The opening track, "What You Want," grabs your attention, and keeps on rocking with the next track, "My Mistake." "Hollywood Distractions" is another good rocking song, but maybe not as great as the first two tracks. The ballad "No Regrets" is very good, and seems to be at the right place, and the right time in this album. "Well Kep Secret" and the hit "Men Without Shame" returns to the basic rock & roll atmosphere. "Running With The Hounds" has more of an almost rockabilly meets rock & roll feel. Speaking of [The Hounds], they are another band like PR&S, who only had two albums released, and have yet to see them appear on CD. Their musical style is much harder than that of PR&S.

    "Time Is On My Hands" is a great blues song. "Sing For Your Supper" falls in the same category as "Hollywood Distractions" -- they're both good songs, but there are others that are better. The closing ballad, "Lonely Actions" is just as good as "No Regrets", and a nice way to close out the album.

    Phantom, Rocker And Slick debut is better than their second album, Cover Girl. Both albums are great in their own rights, and a real shame that they are not on compact disc yet. Another sad note, that they didn't continue to record, just as Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) and Paul Rodgers (Free/Bad Company) did with only two albums together as The Firm. Yet, The Firm's releases did appear on CD, Phantom, Rocker & Slick have not. While researching IF (and if being a big word here...), if the PR&S albums would ever be released on CD, I found an Earl Slick interview, where Earl explained: "You know, you're not the first person to ask me this; I don't know, I wouldn't think so. It's funny though because that record was made at a point when obviously they were still doing vinyl, and they were doing CDs but to do a CD there was this weird thing where if you sold x amount of records, like if you sold, I don't know, half a million albums they would put it on a CD. It wasn't an automatic thing yet."

    It's sad, that albums that do get released on CD, after a period of time, they discontinue them. MCA Records was famous for this. Original albums by Dunhill/MCA artists from the 1960s, such as The Mamas & The Papas, Steppenwolf and Three Dog Night -- all their original albums were released on CD at one time, then they all disappeared. Maybe they all didn't get the "x amount" of sales, but there are die-hard fans who grew up listening and having their original vinyl copies, and would enjoy having them on clear-sounding compact disc.

    Unless there's a demand for their music, a huge popular reunion, or one of the songs (or more) gets famous from the media (TV, or most likely from the movies), their original albums may be reissued, and, in most cases, with bonus tracks. Even for the die-hard Stray Cats fans, who enjoy following the individual band members from the group before, during and after their involvement with the group that made them famous, not seeing their work on CD is a shame. Therefore, the fans have to try and find the original vinyl on ebay, or their local record stores that carry vinyl (if there are any). I'm still waiting for the original PS&R albums to appear on CD, likewise for other artists, such as Enoch Light and Wayne Cochran. (No "Best Of" / "Greatest Hits" compilations please.)

    If and when they do release the original PS&R albums, hopefully they will resissue them as individual CDs, with bonus tracks. I'm sure this trio had other songs that they wanted to include, and like all albums, some songs get shelved. It's good to know that each member of this trio have their own solo careers, and yes, even their albums (or most of them) are available on CD. Each member has their own website too:,, and

    Let's hope the two Phantom, Rocker & Slick albums DO get the chance to be added to many music fan collections. Nothing is better than seeing the original album and artwork in legal compact disc form. Sure, they do have equipment that can transfer vinyl to CD, and for some, they enjoy hearing the "pops and hisses" that some vinyl provides. As much as creating these vinyl gems on CD, they become what is called a "burned copy." Some regular CD albums are "burned" by those who do not want to put down $10 or more for the legit CD. But for the true collectors, it's nice to see the original artwork (front and back), liner notes, and any other info provided.

    And, knowing each member's website, we can visit their internet homes, and see if there are any developments where they are recording new material, and/or reissuing old material. A Suggestion: Reissue old material anyone? PHANTOM, ROCKER & SLICK perhaps?

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    Previous Review: #1196
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