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Carl Smith
"The Essential Carl Smith 1950-1956"

© Columbia Records

Year of Release: 1991

track listing
  • Guilty Conscience
  • I Just Dropped In
    To Say Goodbye
  • I Overlooked An Orchid
  • If Teardrops Were Pennies
  • Let's Live A Little
  • (When You Feel Like
    You're In Love)
    Don't Just Stand There
  • Let Old Mother Nature
    Have Her Way
  • It's A Lovely
    Lovely World
  • Are You Teasing Me
  • This Orchid
    Means Goodbye
  • Hey Joe
  • Trademark
  • Just Wait Till I
    fsGet You Alone
  • Dog Gone Baby
    I'm In Love
  • Back Up Buddy
  • Go Boy Go
  • Loose Talk
  • Kisses Don't Lie
  • There She Goes
  • You Are The One

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    Carl Smith
    "The Essential Carl Smith 1950-1956"

    Carl Smith -- Country singer -- his songs (on Columbia Records) were popular in the early 1950s. He had 4 number songs on the Country chart: "Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way" (1952; 6 weeks), "(When You Feel Like You're In Love) Don't Just Stand There" (1952; 2 weeks), "Hey Joe" (1953; 1 week), "Loose Talk" (1955; 7 weeks). With 30 Top Ten hits, he was also a drinking companion to Country legend Johnny Cash. As I was growing up, I easily remembered Johnny Cash's music, listening to the old WMAQ Country format on Chicago radio. I guess Country radio stations while growing up didn't play much Country music from the 1950s. This would easily have featured Carl Smith, and other 1950s popular Country artists such as Hank Williams Sr. and Eddy Arnold. (Of course, I would remember hearing Eddy Arnold's 1960s hits.) I discovered Carl Smith when researching the #1 Country songs from the 1940s on, and as popular as Carl Smith was, I never really knew his name, and his music.

    To easily state Carl Smith's music was by listening to the 20-tracks of The Essential Carl Smith 1950-1956. Columbia Records' Essential series has been classic, with the likes of Smith, Johnny Cash, and Marty Robbins. Both Johnny Cash and Marty Robbins' Essentials have been 2-discs, but Smith's set was only one. Carl Smith's music is easily compared to the early years of Eddy Arnold, and even Hank Williams Sr. Some (not many) were also compared to the music of Tennessee Ernie Ford (especially the style of Ford's "Shotgun Boogie.") But definitely the early styles of Eddy Arnold and Hank Sr. are easily defined in many of the 20 tracks on Smith's Essential.

    There isn't a bad track on this compilation. The 4 #1's are all here. And other tracks maybe better than others. Yet Carl Smith was a popular Country singer back in the early 1950s, and for some of the older Country fans, they all easily remember his music being played on the radio. He was known as "Mister Country," and continued recording into the 1970s on various record labels. He is also a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame (2003). He is the father of Carlene Carter, who would become a Country singer herself, and accomplish a few #1 Country songs of her own. Nowadays, he lives on his horse farm in Nashville, Tennessee. He is currently 82 years old, as of this writing.

    Fans of Eddy Arnold and Hank Williams Sr. will enjoy the music of Carl Smith. On that note, if anyone had never heard of him, nor his music (like myself), it's easy to listen to another popular Country artist as Arnold and Williams, and as they are Hall of Famers, so is Carl Smith.

    UPDATE: This review was created on January 10, 2010. On January 16, 2010, Carl Smith passed away at the age of 82, from a stroke. His wife Goldie had died in 2005. He was survived by two sons, Carl Jr., and Larry Dean, and two daughters, Carlene and Lori Lynn.

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