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Talking Heads
"Talking Heads: 77"

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Year of Release: 1977

track listing
  • Uh-Oh
    Love Comes To Town
  • New Feeling
  • Tentative Decisions
  • Happy Day
  • Who Is It
  • No Compassion
  • The Book I Read
  • Don't Worry About
    The Government
  • First Week/Lsat Week...
  • Psycho Killer
  • Pulled Up

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    Joe Satriani--The Extremist
    Talking Heads
    "Talking Heads: 77"

    The Talking Heads' debut album, Talking Heads: 77 featured "Psycho Killer," a song about thoughts from an (obvious) serial killer. This song was heavily played on radio stations with New Wave/Punk formats. Chicago's WXRT was how I was introduced to this band, as another hit "Life During Wartime" was my first taste of this band, likewise this song was on the soundtrack of Times Square. "Psycho Killer" would be heard in my head later afterwards, as well as other songs that would be famous by David Byrne and company.

    Talking Heads' music is described in one word: Weird. Althought there are many songs I truly enjoy by them, their music did get better as each of their albums were releasded. As I listen to their debut album, it is truly pointed out (especially after the third song) that their signature sound and style would be idenitified in the many years to come of their existence.

    Starting out the album, is "Uh-Oh, Love Comes To Town" a bouncy sounding tune, and not the traditional TH sound we would know in later years. "New Feeling" begins the traditional Talking Heads new wave/punk style. "Tentative Decisions" continues this sound, as it could be compared as a slowed-down version of a song that they would later be famous, "Wild Wild Life."

    But unfortunately, from this point on to the rest of the album, the songs just sound a bit weird for me. Granted, "Psycho Killer" is the standout tune from this release. "Pulled Up" would be another heavily played song that I remembered, and probably the second best tune.

    The Talking Heads may not have been one of my truly best bands, and New Wave/Punk also not being at the top of my favorite genres. But this band has had their share of the spotlight, with memorable tunes throughout their career. "Psycho Killer" and "Pulled Up" are the obvious choices from Talking Heads: 77. Yet the rest of the album does have the "hit or miss" effect, it was the start of a band that would definitely get better in their later years, and future album releases.

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    Previous Review: #1159
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    Joe Satriani--The Extremist