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Elvis Presley
"Viva Las Vegas/Roustabout"

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Year of Release: 1993

track listing
  • Viva Las Vegas
  • If You Think
    I Don't Need You
  • I Need Somebody
    To Lean On
  • You're The Boss
  • What'd I Say
  • Do The Vega
  • C'mon Everybody
  • The Lady Loves Me
  • Night Life
  • Today Tomorrow And
  • The Yellow Rose Of Texas/
    The Eyes Of Texas
  • Santa Lucia
  • Roustabout
  • Little Egypt
  • Poison Ivy League
  • Hard Knocks
  • It's A Wonderful World
  • Big Love Big Heartache
  • One Track Heart
  • It's Carnival Time
  • Carny Town
  • There's A Brand New Day
    On The Horizon
  • Wheels On My Heels

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    Kenny Rogers--The Gift
    Elvis Presley
    "Viva Las Vegas/Roustabout"

    As the reviews/fact states: Elvis Presley's movies were terrible, and (most) of the music from them were just as bad. Viva Las Vegas and Roustabout were combined in one soundtrack release, and although I cannot say if both movies (and its music) were bad or not. Some say Viva was one of Elvis' best, yet Roustabout didn't get a lot of 3-star approvals, yet the soundtrack alone did reach #1 on the albums chart in 1964, where Viva did not. Nor did the song reach #1 either.

    Granted, after listening to the many songs, and judging by the music alone, yes, there are many songs that are easily forgotten from both soundtracks. Yet, most of these songs I remember growing up, from other Elvis-soundtrack compilations.


    Whether you've seen the movie or not, "Viva Las Vegas" has been voted one of Elvis' best songs. Although it's odd, that the song did not reach #1, yet it is an Elvis fan favorite for many. As for tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 ("If You Think I Don't Need You"; "I Need Somebody To Lean On"; "You're The Boss"; "What'd I Say" (the Ray Charles remake); and "The Lady Loves Me" -- they are all easily forgettable, slow, or boring. However, tracks 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 are songs that I remember from my childhood, from other Elvis albums.

    Let's start with the least favorite: "Santa Lucia" features Elvis' operatic voice, as this song was from the Burning Love and Other Hits from his movies release. (Elvis did want to record opera; although it was nixed by his manager, Col. Tom Parker. Parker would turn down many opportunities, and its amazingly odd, with his popularity, Elvis just couldn't fire Parker, and do whatever he wanted to do, to improve his career. This may just have been a big difference in his later years, as he just may be alive today (age 75), if he did accomplish his opportunities.)

    The soundtrack album of Flaming Star provided tracks 6, 9, and 11: "Do The Vega"; "Night Life"; "The Yellow Rose Of Texas/The Eyes Of Texas" -- all of these songs are favorites of mine, as I remember listening (and wearing out my LP copy) of the Flaming Star soundtrack. (Glad to mention, that the original Flaming Star soundtrack was released on CD a year or so ago.)

    The other remaining tracks, 7 and 10 -- "C'mon Everybody" and "Today, Tomorrow And Forever" were from the LP C'mon Everybody." (This song is NOT the Eddie Cochran version). "C'mon Everybody" is one of those great rocking Elvis songs that has been overlooked. "Today, Tomorrow And Forever" is another one of Elvis' (overlooked) loving ballads. The C'mon Everybody LP has yet to see itself on CD, as each song from it (all from different Elvis movies) is one of my favorite Elvis albums, and hopefully, we will see this album finally released on compact disc.


    As for the Roustabout soundtrack, there aren't many songs to really worth mentioning. Probably the song "Hard Knocks" would be a good attention getter, the other tracks are just near misses. As mentioned, Elvis' movies were ranked bad, and most of the music as well. BUT -- it's Elvis, and there are some overlooked tracks here; it's just a matter of repeated listens that will make the songs (and possibly viewing the movies more) having a better review.

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    Anthony Distefano--Anthony Distefano
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