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Whitney Houston

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Year of Release: 1987

track listing
  • I Wanna Dance With
    (Who Loves Me)
  • Just The Lonely
    Talking Again
  • Love Will Save The Day
  • Didn't We Almost
    Have It All
  • So Emotional
  • Where You Are
  • Love Is A Contact Sport
  • You're Still My Man
  • For The Love Of You
  • Where Do Broken
    Hearts Go
  • I Knew Him Well

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    Stan Freberg--The United States Of America Vol. 1 And Vol. 2
    Whitney Houston

    Whitney Houston has come back to recording in 2009, with her album I Look To You, which reached #1 on the Billboard album chart. Her beginnings began in the late 1980s, as her debut self-titled album became one of the most popular albums. Her second release was simply titled Whitney, and as her debut, became another big hit seller. Four number one singles from this release, and the album also equalled the same popularity of her debut. Her first albums were exceptional, and placed her on the map as a diva in popular music.

    Four #1's: "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)," "Didn't We Almost Have It All," "So Emotional," "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" -- all were heavily played on radio stations. The other tracks have either the soft style ("Just The Lonely Talking Again," "Where You Are," "You're Still My Man," "I Know Him So Well") or the upbeat style ("Love Will Save The Day," "Love Is A Contact Sport") "For The Love Of You" is medium-tempo'd, yet it has the classic-Whitney style.

    Classic Whitney, at her finest, from her early career. Her future albums continued incredible success, until her involvement with drugs and alcohol, and an abusive marriage to Bobby Brown. Throughout years of recovery, Whitney Houston has returned to the spotlight in 2009, with a new release, I Look To You. Like for any other performer in their older years, age has taken over, in both appearance and vocal range. Yet, its the fact that these performers still continue to create NEW music for their fans, and keep their musical star shining. It will be interesting to see if Whitney Houston keeps performing / recording after 2009. Either way, her fans will welcome her back, and hope that her troubles have been left behind, and focus on what made her famous, her music.

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    Stan Freberg--The United States Of America Vol. 1 And Vol. 2