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"Beauty From Pain 1.1"

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track listing
  • Anthem
  • Pure
  • Bowling Ball
  • We Live
  • One Girl Revolution
    (Battle Mix)
  • Wishes
  • Stand In The Rain
  • Courage
  • It's On
  • Suddenly
  • Beauty From Pain

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    "Beauty From Pain 1.1"

    Who is Superchick? When you first look at the picture of its bandmembers, who is the blonde female lead singer? She sure is the standout figure, such as No Doubt, Pink, or Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. The truth of the matter is, Superchick is a Christian Alternative band. Mixing all styles of music, Pop, Rock, Punk, Alternative, R&B, this band is quite interesting. Easily compared to the Pop styles of American Idol contestants, this band can easily draw your attention, and wanting to listen to more of them. Tricia Brock is the blonde female singer, and her vocals are very impressive, as much as the rest of the band's music.

    Originally released in 2005, Beauty From Pain would be re-released a year later, as Beauty From Pain 1.1, and would become their mainstream album from Columbia Records. It would become a #1 album on the Billboard Christian Albums chart. Featuring songs from its predecessor, and remixed songs.

    The opening rocker track, "Anthem," certainly grabs your attention, with its positive lyrics. Today's Pop and R&B has the atmosphere of "Pure" and "We Live." The style of these two songs fit well with today's current Pop radio station formats. Pop meets Punk has the flavor for "Bowling Ball." A little bit of R&B with an Alternative Hard Rock mix has "One Girl Revolution (Battle Mix)." Today's Pop style has "Wishes" and could easily fit any of the current NOW compilations. (The Christian NOW series has just started; I'm sure Superchick's songs could easily be added there.) "Stand In The Rain" would be the band's biggest hit, sounding like No Doubt or Evanescence, as the latter band mentioned is compared to on "Courage." A harder rock sound (Green Day) is on "It's On." Today's Pop returns on "Suddenly," and "Beauty From Pain" is a slow-styled song; a nice way to end the album.

    Superchick's Beauty From Pain 1.1 is a really good album. Good mix of genres -- today's Pop -- No Doubt, Evanescence, Kelly Clarkson, to name a few. All the songs are very good, with positive lyrics from the Christian genre. It's Rock, it's Christian Rock, it's Positive Rock. The Beauty is there, far From Pain.

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    Previous Review: #1202
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