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"Hard Candy"

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Year of Release: 2008

track listing
  • Candy Shop
  • 4 Minutes
  • Give It 2 Me
  • Heartbeat
  • Miles Away
  • She's Not Me
  • Incredible
  • Beat Goes On
  • Dance 2Night
  • Spanish Lesson
  • Devil Won't Recognize You
  • Voices

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    "Hard Candy"

    Madonna's 2008 release Hard Candy is not the soundtrack to the movie of the same name. The movie was bizarre, and a nightmare to men. Madonna's Hard Candy is not a nightmare, although the album cover may decipher differently to some. But after viewing the cover, to those who know of Madonna, her S&M outfit should not be a surprise.

    What is surprising, is how Madonna can blend with the latest style in music. As a whole, Hard Candy has the sound of today's Dance style. Easily classifying itself under such categories as Pop, Dance, and even R&B, Rap and Hip-Hop are the exceptions. Madonna is not (or shouldn't be) taking a crack at being a rap star; she already has made a name for herself in the styles of music just mentioned, minus the two she shouldn't be a part of.

    The opening two tracks can easily fit her into a Britney Spears mold, yet remember, Madonna was around long before Ms. Britney broke onto the music scene. (Heck, Britney was just one year old when Madonna's first album was released in 1982.) "Candy Shop" is far better than "4 Minutes" (with Justin Timberlake), yet it's today's teens who will enjoy these two songs more.

    As for the adult me, the next 4 songs truly does have some great potential. "Give It 2 Me" is catchy and danceable. "Heartbeat" is a good grooving track, and "Miles Away" will easily be recognized as a good, typical Madonna (later years of her career) song. If yesterday's Disco was mixed with today's Dance music, "She's Not Me" would definitely get the dancefloors going.

    But then the rest of the album suddenly makes a dive. (Being fair, alot of today's Dance, Hip-Hop and Rap are just not my reliable choices to listen on a regular basis.) "Incredible" has that common style heard in 3 "evils" of today's music (referring to the 3 just mentioned again). This song just doesn't do it for me. "Beat Goes On" is not bad, nor is it great either, but when Kanye West starts in with his common-day rapping, I just cringe and wait for the song to end.

    "Dance 2Night" and "Spanish Lesson" are "just ok" songs. Although there is some hope on "Devil Won't Recognize You," it is a good track. "Voices" is fairly good, but it could be better.

    Let's give Madonna credit -- She is MADONNA. She is considered one of the greatest females in music history. She's done some outlandish things in her entire career. Yet whether you like or dislike her, she has made some incredible music, preferrably at the beginning of her career. Her early years were her best; this easily said for other artists, such as Mariah Carey. Sure, an artist tries to blend in with the latest trends in current music. (Remember the Rock bands who jumped on the Disco bandwagon, back in the late 1970s?)

    But the younger crowd will enjoy this album, since it follows the latest trends in Dance music. Britney fans will enjoy it. Fans of Dance, R&B, and even Rap may as well. For every decade of music, the younger crowds always enjoyed it more, while the older folks just cringed, just as they did when Elvis The Pelvis ruled the stage, and even the Beatles weren't fans of the older crowd, due to how they looked, and continuing the trend of Rock N Roll. But this whole thing will never change when it comes to the latest in music. Younger fans will always cherish the new music, while the older others get, the more they will most likely pass on it, or even hate it.

    Madonna's Hard Candy is not a bad album, it just has its moments. The music heard on this album will appeal to some, and not for the rest. Listening to it, to fit in today's music (2010) will not be the problem, it will be how music fans will appreciate it.

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