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George Strait
"Lead On"

© MCA Records

Year of Release: 1994

track listing
  • You Can't Make A Heart
    Love Somebody
  • Adalida
  • I Met A Friend
    Of Yours Today
  • Nobody Has To Get Hurt
  • Down Louisiana Way
  • Lead On
  • What Am I Waiting For
  • The Big One
  • I'll Always Be Loving You
  • No One But You

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    George Strait
    "Lead On"

    George Strait debuts on WSVNRadio this week, with his 1994 release, Lead On. It features only one #1 song that hit #1 on the Country chart -- "You Can't Make A Heart Love Somebody." The CD contains lyrics to each song, and as enjoyable as this album is, it's great to follow the lyrics, and you listen to the common day stories of Country music.

    The #1 hit here seems to be sad, with the lyrics At a table for two / With candle light and wine / That diamond's burning' holes in his pockets / Thinkin' now's the perfect time / When he popped the question he could see / The teardrops in her eyes / She said she knew this was comin' and I'm sorry / But I hope you realize... Can we see what direction this is going? Oh, this is Country lyrics...

    On the brighter side, there are songs of hope and promise here: Positive lyrics tells the story of a lady named "Adalida," "Nobody Has To Get Hurt" looks at a a fresh start, trying to fix the situation at hand. "Down Louisiana Way" looks at an old friend, an old hangout, and how important it is, and how much its missed. The title track looks at hope and a possible good-to-great relationship. "The Big One" tells of falling in love, and how it just could be "the big one" or "the right one."

    But then we return to some false hope: Is "I Met A Friend Of Yours Today" a song about cheating? With the story of how you go to a bar for a drink, and you overhear someone mentioning your partner's name. You introduce yourself, and see the look of shame and embarrassment from the other person. "What Am I Waiting For" is definitely of lost hope, with lyrics as She might never show, My legs won't let me go, She'll never get here. "I'll Always Be Loving You" tells the story of how you can strike me down, call me all the names you can think of, etc, but in the end I'll Always Be Loving You." And lastly, with lyrics in "No One But You": "My heart won't let me love no one but you / My mind keeps tellin' me that just won't do / My arms keep reaching out for someone new / But my heart won't let me love No One But You.

    Songs of hope and promise and those of lost causes are here on George Strait's Lead On. (Typical Country) It's a good album for Country fans. With the start of the spring season, it's a good album to listen to, on a warm spring day. It's Country, it's enjoyable, it's George Strait.

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