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Year of Release: 1998

track listing
  • Eye No
  • Alphabet St.
  • Glam Slam
  • Anna Stesia
  • Dance On
  • Lovesexy
  • When 2 R In Love
  • I Wish U Heaven
  • Positivity

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    Prince has great music, he's a great musician. But as a person? That is the least to mention. His bitter feud with his record company made him a shallow man, changing his name to "The Artist Formerly Known As Prince." Recently, it looks like his rivalry between himself and his record company has resolved (?), and he has changed his name back to Prince. But placing all of this information aside, his music has been exceptional. Sure, some of his albums were better than others. Is Lovesexy one of his best?

    After listening to "Side One," the answer would be no. The interesting fact about this album, was that there are 9 songs, and they are all sequenced into one 45-minute track (on CD it was). Side One contained the first 4 songs, where the first two tracks, "Eye No" (which displays a picture of an eye, instead of the letter e-y-e, and "Alphabet St." are much upbeat and funky, beating out the next two songs, "Glam Slam" (which is a pretty cool song in its own right), and the "just OK tune" Anna Stesia."

    Side Two has the remaining 5 songs: "Dance On" -- it has a good vibe, yet its not a standout. The same can be said for the title track. "When U R In Love" is more soulful than any of the songs thus heard. "I Wish U Heaven" is soulful also, yet "When U R In Love" is better. The last track, "Positivity" has an annoying "pulse," making this an easy song to switch off.

    From reading other info on this album, Prince made all 9 songs into one track, so the listener wouldn't skip each uninteresting song, or just keep skipping to their favorite track(s) from the album. "Eye On," the Top 10 "Alphabet St." are definitely the better standouts, likewise "Glam Slam" has its potentials. But the rest of the album, although as soulful and funky they are, they just didn't stand out, as compared to other well-known songs and favorite album tracks from Prince.

    Splitting each song into 9 separate tracks was helpful from the Lovesexy Wikipedia page, as it narrowed down each song by its duration times. Prince wanted each song to blend towards each other. My take on this, is that all 9 songs would seque into each other with no gaps in between. As I was piecing out each song, I did notice quite a few songs (at the end) would silence, or even stop for a few seconds, then blend into the next available song. Prince may have been ahead of his time, with the one-track compositon of his 9 songs from this album. I can't think of any other artist or band has ever done this.

    So, the question still remains -- Is this one of Prince's best albums? My answer is No. Reviewers have mentioned this album was funky, from start to finish. Depending on your defintion of funky, I felt only the first two songs truly stood out as funky songs, in the Prince-style everyone is familiar with. As mentioned, "Glam Slam" has it hopes.

    But if you're a die-hard Prince fan, snatching this album will not be a disappointment. The songs are funky, soulful, and some better than others. Lovesexy is a fair album, and obviously not as exceptional as 1999 or Purple Rain, to name a few.

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    Previous Review: #1226
    Moby Grape--Vintage: The Very Best Of Moby Grape
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    Survivor--Survivor/Jimi Jamison Collection Volume 2