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Gaither Vocal Band
"Lovin' Life"

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Year of Release: 2008

track listing
  • I'm Forgiven
  • Build An Ark
  • Jesus And John Wayne
  • Go Ask
  • Hope Of Your Dreams
  • Search Me Lord
  • Lonely Mile
  • There's Always A Place
    At The Table
  • The Diff'rence Is In Me
  • I'm Loving Life
  • When I Cry
  • Prisoner Of Hope
  • Then He Bowed His Head
    And Died

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    Gaither Vocal Band
    "Lovin' Life"

    Bill Gaither is a Legend... He is a GOD. I truly enjoy the Gaither Vocal Band. Whether it's Gospel (which is really categorized as Gaither's music), or Christian, the many entourages of the Gaither Vocal Band has emerged the most incredible music of the Faith. Bill Gaither has made music since the 1950s, and what made his name more famous (in my opinion), were the many incarnations of his Gaither Vocal Band.

    The 2008 lineup for Lovin' Life were Bill Gaither, Guy Penrod, Marshall Hall, and Wes Hampton. Guy Penrod and Mark Lowry were members of the GVB when I first started listening to their music. The best lineups were those with Gaither, Penrod and Lowry, as these three members remained together the longest, compared to other members who would join them. (The Gaither Vocal Band normally consists of 4-5 members.) Mark Lowry is not only a great singer, but he is considered the "Robin Williams of Gospel" -- he is truly hysterical and could be considered a very popular musical comedian. (If you get a chance, rent out the videos of the Gaithers with Mark Lowry... Truly entertaining, and laughable.)

    The album starts out with a familiar song, "I'm Forgiven." This song is best remembered for me by the Christian group The Imperials (who often backed up Elvis Presley). This is a great song. I'm more familiar with The Imperials' version, yet the GVB is just as exceptional. "Build An Ark" has a more tropical sound, maybe a little slight resemblance to a Jimmy Buffett tune. "Jesus And John Wayne" (great title!) can easily pass on Country playlists; it is another great song. One of the best highlights of the Gaither Vocal Band are their harmonies. They are heard throughout this album, as the next three songs features that: "Go Ask," "House Of Your Dreams," "Search Me Lord."

    And this album keeps getting better and better... "Lonely Mile" has a more soulful approach. "There's Always A Place At The Table" also has great harmonies, and the vocals are truly emotional. There is a happy-go-lucky sound on "The Diff'rence Is In Me." "I'm Lovin' Life" is another one of those songs that can easily fit the Country Rock formats. "When I Cry" is a great ballad; it could also fit the Country formats. "Prisoner Of Hope" is in the same league as "When I Cry" -- it's another good ballad, with great harmonies, and a somewhat Country atmosphere. "Then He Bowed His Head And Died" is another ballad, yet its fits more of the spiritual faith.

    This week marks the debut of the Gaither Vocal Band, as their first entrance is long overdue. The Gaither Vocal Band would have to be one of my favorite acts in the style of Gospel and Christian. Third Day just may get the nod for Christian Rock. Michael W. Smith is another exceptional artist. The list goes on and on...

    As mentioned, Bill Gaither has been recording music since the 1950s. He first emerged as the Bill Gaither Trio. He, along with his brother Danny, and sister Mary Ann were the original members. Later, his wife Gloria replaced Mary Ann. The Gaither Vocal Band debuted in 1981, and has been recording ever since.

    Throughout the years, Bill Gaither has associated with many stars, and has been a major influence from many Christian artists. Among the artists he was worked with: Terry Bradshaw (yes, the famous football player), American Idols Ruben Studdard, Melinda Doolittle. His most recent collaboration was with Country legends The Oak Ridge Boys and The Statler Brothers. Influnenced by many: Michael W. Smith, Sandi Patty, Carman, Amy Grant, Michael English, just to name a few.

    Lovin' Life is another great album from the Gaither Vocal Band. Although the finest lineup consists of Gaither, Penrod & Lowry, it really doesn't matter who Bill Gaither gets in his lineup. Regardless, Lovin' Life is truly an enjoyable album, a spiritual album. Whether its Gospel, Christian, Country, or Country Rock -- The Gaither Vocal Band is a must to listen to.

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