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Michael W. Smith

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Year of Release: 2006

track listing
  • Cover Me
  • Open Arms
  • Come To The Cross
  • How To Say Goodbye
  • Be Lifted High
  • Oh Lord You're Beautiful
  • Grace
  • The Stand
  • Come See
  • In Silence
  • Escape Your Love

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    Michael W. Smith

    Now, THIS is CHRISIAN Music...

    Previously, our Christian album reviews reflected on Metalcore Christian music: Norma Jean, and August Burns Red. Although both of these bands have "spiritual" lyrics, they're really hard to understand, with their loud music, and screaming singing. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with telling your Christian beliefs in song. It's just the fact that it's best to try and understand the singing, with understandable music. Yet I do give credit to another rocking Christian band, Petra. Their music is more hard rocking, yet it's not loud heavy metalcore music as NJ and ABR. And Petra's lyrics you can grasp without being distracted by the loudness and screaming as mealcore music. Again, it's just how one interprets the Christian meanings, through different sources of music.

    Now, we take a look at one of the many popular Christian artists/bands to surface. Michael W. Smith has been around for many of years. (13 number one albums on the Billboard Christian Albums chart.) As you listen to his music, it's soothing, it's powerful, it's spiritual, and easy to listen to, and refer to.

    The opening track, "Cover Me" is probably the most "rocking" song from the album. The lyrics are encouraging: Although you may be down in times, God will cover you to see you through. "Open Arms" simply moves through the passion of the "love that knows no boundaries, tell me, where is the love, Open Arms, we need to be." "Come To The Cross" tells how if you have a sin, there is room for everyone on the cross: "Everyone can come to the cross, It doesn't matter what you've done." "How To Say Goodbye" is similar to how one leaves the nest to pursue his/her own pursuit. "Here I stand, arms open wide, I've held you close, kept you safe, till you could fly, Tell me where, the road ahead is gonna bend, and how the harness up the wind, and How To Say Goodbye."

    "Be Lifted High" is probably my favorite track from this album -- It's just something about it, the music is so peaceful, the lyrics simply states that Sin has been left behind, and God has now taken yourself into his hands. Beautiful.

    "Oh Lord, You're Beautiful" is a beautiful song, yet the music sounds a little sad. It just sounds much different than the other songs previously heard, and this song really doesn't have a lot of lyrics. Yes, the Lord is beautiful. "Your face is all I seen, For when your eyes are on this child, You're grace abounds to me." "Grace" is another soothing, gentle song, and also has a sad feeling in a way. The lyrics state that one was lost, and God found him/her, and Grace helped that person throughout the years to become a better person.

    "The Stand" is powerful, where one Stands and awaits what God will provide. "With arms high and heart abandonded, All I am is yours." Powerful stuff. "Come See" is how I would interpret The Beatles if they took a chance at Christian music. The piano on this song is quite similar to "Let It Be." Speaking words of wisdom, Come See, Come Near, Come Live, Come Rest, Come See, Come Home. "In Silence" is a song of hope, despite where one may cry out, do not be in silence. "Sometimes we're loudest when the doors are shut and no one can see our face, But it seems we're quiet when someone needs a touch of Heaven's Grace. We are all God's children, We need to tell of all we've been given." Powerful words there. The album closes with "Escape Your Love," a good moving song, on how we can't escape (God's) love.

    A powerful and moving album -- Michael W. Smith's Stand brings peace, hope, comfort in the music and lyrics. This album is worth repeated listens. I've already listened to this album twice before putting together my words for this review. I also look forward in reviewing more of Smith's albums, and the other popular artists in Christian music, who are just as powerful in their lyrics, and their soothing music, and just as popular as Michael W. Smith.

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