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"Testimony: Vol. 1, Life And Relationship"

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Year of Release: 2006

track listing
  • Intro: Loving
  • These Eyes
  • The Heart Of The Matter
  • Good Morning
  • Private Party
  • There's Hope
  • Interlude: Living
  • India' Song
  • Wings Of Forgiveness
  • Summer
  • I Am Not My Hair
  • Great Grandmother
  • Better People
  • Outro: Learning
  • I Choose
  • This Too Shall Pass

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    "Testimony: Vol. 1, Life And Relationship"

    Who is India.Arie? Judging a "book by its (album) cover," her picture on Testimony: Vol 1, Life And Relationship may dipict her as a reggae artist (yellow and red colors). Another way, is thinking she's another female artist in the style of R&B and/or Rap. Her Vol. 1 album reached #1, on the Billboard Albums chart. To summarize this particular release, it defines what today's R&B music should sound like.

    Many of the songs are very soulful, as heard in many of today's popular stars, such as Alicia Keys, Sade, and just a pinch of Norah Jones. The intro/interlude/outro are samples of good R&B music. Right off the bat, soulful songs such as "These Eyes," "India Song," and the impressive "The Heart Of The Matter" (Don Henley song), and "Good Morning" should get repeated listens. The Don Henley remake and "Good Morning" has very cool comparisions to the likes of Sade and Anita Baker. Other impressive songs are the groovin' "Better People," and even a better one is "Wings Of Forgiveness." "Summer" has a happy, warm, easy going style.

    There are songs that easily fits today's R&B mold. "Private Party" has a similarity to Ja Rule's "Always On Time," but India's version is far better. Not exactly Rap, but is fits R&B, is "There's Hope," where the album's popular single, "I Am Not My Hair" (nice song title) -- definitely has a R&B Hip-Hop Rap flavor. Another track fitting today's R&B is "I Choose." The bonus track, "This Too Shall Pass" is nice and peaceful.

    For a person like myself who has learned that today's R&B/Hip Hop/Rap is virtually running the music business, and the fact being much older, and enjoyed the peak of popular music much better than today, I was very surprised by India.Arie's album. It's an excellent album; probably my least favorite track is "Private Party." The similarities to such artists as Sade, Anita Baker, and the ballads of Alica Keys and Mary J. Blige are compared to India, and even just a touch of Norah Jones. All of this is an honor, and easy to say, that for the older folks, they should enjoy this album. Again, I was very impressed by this album. India.Arie has a Volume 2 release for this album, and I am curious if its as superior as the first volume. Also to watch for, if Volume 2 reaches #1.

    But for a change of pace for the common Rock/Classic Rock fan, and if they have a spot for this kind of music, it should be entertaining to observe, that SOME of today's R&B can be enjoyed. Maybe not as truly as what is considered "Classic Rock," yet it's a breakaway from the common source of music.

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