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Andrews Sisters
"Their All-Time Greatest Hits"

© MCA Records

Year of Release: 1994

track listing
  • Ber Mir Bist Du Schon
    (Means You're Grand)
  • Ti-Pi-Tin
  • Shortenin' Bread
  • Hold Tight
    (Want Some
    Seafood Mama)
  • Beer Barrel Polka
    (Roll Out The Barrel)
  • Well All Right
    The Night)
  • Oh Johnny Oh Johnny Oh
  • Say Si Si
    (Para Vigo Me Voy)
  • Ferry Boat Serenade
  • Beat Me Daddy
    Eight To The Bar
  • Boogie Woogie
    Bugle Boy
  • I'll Be With You In
    Apple Blossom
  • Aurora
  • Jealous
  • The Shrine Of
    Saint Cecilia
  • Don't Sit Under
    The Apple Tree
    (With Anyone Else
    But Me)
  • Pennsylvania Polka
  • Mr. Five By Five
  • Strip Polka
  • Pistol Packin' Mama
  • Shoo-Shoo Baby
  • Tico Tico
  • (There'll Be A)
    Hot Time In The
    Town Of Berlin
    (When The Yanks
    Go Marching In)
  • Is You Is Or Is You Ain't
    (My Baby)
  • Don't Fence Me In
  • Rum And Coca-Cola
  • Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate
    The Positive
  • Along The Navajo Trail
  • South America
    Take It Away
  • Rumors Are Flying
  • Christmas Island
  • Civilization
    (Bongo Bongo
  • The Lady From 29 Palms
  • Near You
  • Teresa
  • Toolie Oolie Doolie
    (The Yodel Polka)
  • Woody Woodpecker
  • Blue Tail Fly
  • You Call Everybody
  • Cuanto La Gusta
  • I Can Dream Can't I
  • She Wore A
    Yellow Ribbon
  • Charley My Boy
  • I Wanna Be Loved
  • A Bushel And A Peck
  • A Penny A Kiss
    A Penny A Hug

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    MercyMe--The Generous Mr. Lovewell
    Andrews Sisters
    "Their All-Time Greatest Hits"

    Which was your favorite Andrews Sister? Mine was Patty. She was spunky and exciting. She would remind me of another singer who would resemble in her attitude and looks many decades later -- Bette Midler. The other sisters, Maxene and LaVerne, and Patty represented what would be one of the greatest vocal (and sister acts) of the World War II era. Maxene and Patty definitely resembled each other, where LaVerne looked a bit different, but you knew they were related. I like the opening paragraph of the liner notes on MCA's Their All-Time Greatest Hits:
    In her book Over Here, Over There, Maxene Andrews recalls a World War II veteran who approached her after a personal appearance in Clearwater, Florida, in 1991 and said, "I don't know if you think this is a compliment, but to me and my buddies, the Andrews Sisters are synonymous with World War II. She told him it was one of the nicest compliments they ever had. Truer words could never be spoken: Not only of their music, but during the world's events at the time. The war was always there, yet it was music that broke the barrier, and for whatever length of time you listened, it eased the pains of the war.

    MCA's Their All-Time Greatest Hits (a 2-disc set) covers the Decca Recordings of the sisters' career - 1937 - 1950. And the beauty of these recordings, are that they are in chronological order. Of all the songs the Andrews Sisters recorded, there was only three songs that reached #1: "Don't Fence Me In" (1940; with Bing Crosby), "Rum And Coca-Cola" (1945), and "I Can Dream, Can't I?" (1945). Their all-time most remembered hit, "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" (a song which Bette Midler covered) was not a #1 hit, surprisingly.

    46 songs are contained in this collection, and there are many well-remembered songs for those who enjoyed their music. The ones I remember were: "Shortenin' Bread," (this one I remembered, maybe not by the Andrews Sisters, but more of a parody song by Allan Sherman), "Hold Tight (Want Some Sea Food Mama)," "Beer Barrel Polka" (another Andrews Sisters well-remembered song), "I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time," "Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me)," "Ac-Cent Tchu-Ate The Positive" (this one I remembered by a male vocalist, Bing Crosby. In fact, it is Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters). Other songs covered by the Andrews Sisters, yet most remembered by other artists: "Pistol Packin' Mama" [with Bing Crosby] (Al Dexter), "Rumours Are Flying" (Frankie Carle), "Near You" (Francis Craig), "woody Woodpecker" (Kay Kyser), "You Call Everybody Darlin' (Al Trace). There were numerous songs of which they recorded with Bing Crosby, and they are in this collection. "Blue Tail Fly" [with Burl Ives] is another song I remember, but parodied by Allan Sherman.

    Every track is classic 1940s Big Band, Swing, World War II music. I have to mention another collection by the Andrews Sisters -- Capitol Collectors Series -- this set is from their years at Capitol Records, as they moved from Decca Records to Capitol in the 1950s, and re-recorded many of their Decca songs for this collection. The Decca recordings from Their All-Time Greatest Hits are the originals.

    The sisters broke up before signing to Capitol in 1953. Patty Andrews was to go solo, and this decision was learned from gossip columns, and caused a dispute. A lawsuit regarding their parents' estate was also in the works. A sleeping pills suicide attempt by Maxene (although it was said as an accident) also occurred. By 1956, they signed with Captiol, and recorded a dozen singles to 1959, and 3 albums. In 1962 they moved to Dot Records. LaVerne Andrews passed away in 1967 of cancer.

    Despite a replacement for LaVerne, Maxene felt there was no need to continue, even as a duo. Bette Midler's 1972 rendition of "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" was a comeback for the surviving sisters. Maxene and Patty had their differences, and although Maxene offered for a reunion personally, if not professionally, yet that didn't happen. Maxene had health problems in 1982 (heart attack, of which she recoverd). Patty did visit her. Maxene did have a successful comeback of her own in 1979, toured for the next 15 years, and recorded an album in 1985. Patty (who changed her name to "Patti") also had a solo career, starting in 1981, yet it was not as successful as Maxene.

    They did reunite in 1987, when they were given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They appeared together on Entertainment Tonight. An earthquake occurred the morning of the ceremony, and was nearly cancelled. Patty joked it was LaVerne caused the earthquake, because she wasn't there, although both sisters "attended" by telephone. Both sisters remained somewhat distant from one another in their last years.

    Maxene suffered another heart attack, and passed away in 1995. She had just made an off-Broadway debut appearance in New York City. She did mention before her death, she wished she had settled the differences between her and her sister Patty. Patty did not attend any memorial services for Maxene. Patty is still alive, at the age of 92. She jokes about the feuding of her sisters when asked, then moves on to the next topic.

    The Andrews Sisters categorized the music of World War II, Big-Band and Swing music. They were classic. And yes, they certainly don't make music like this anymore. Discover or rediscover LaVerne, Maxene and Patty with their original recordings from the peak of their career. This 2-disc set is definitely a must to have for Andrews Sisters fans.

    © All rights reserved. Review or any portion may not be reproduced without written permission. Cover art is the intellectual property of MCA Records and is used for reference purposes only.

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