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Steely Dan
"Two Against Nature"

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Year of Release: 2000

track listing
  • Gaslighting Abbie
  • What A Shame About Me
  • Two Against Nature
  • Janie Runaway
  • Almost Gothic
  • Jack Of Speed
  • Cousin Dupree
  • Negative Girl
  • West Of Hollywood

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    Steely Dan
    "Two Against Nature"

    It had been 20 years since Donald Fagen and Walter Becker had recorded together as Steely Dan. The year was 2000. Two Against Nature would be their first album together since their breakup, and being their comeback album, it was a long awaited return, and excellent one. Donald Fagen would record two solo albums since the original departure of Steely Dan, and after that, the dynamic duo of Fagen & Becker would work together, off and on, and Fagen would help out on Becker's solo album.

    For 2000's Two Against Nature, it seems that Steely Dan easily picked up where they left off 20 years ago.

    The first two tracks, "Gaslighting Abbie" and "What A Shame About Me" easily displays the traditional Steely Dan sound, as if they never had split. The jazz rock Steely Dan would show in the later albums of their peak years sounds great on the title track. "Janie Runaway" continues the jazzy sound, as this song could have easily fit on their album Gaucho. "Almost Gothic" easily fits the Smooth Jazz formats, and is heard in fine form. The same can be said for the next track, "Jack Of Speed."

    "Cousin Dupree" -- is it Rock or Jazz? I would say it's more Rock than Jazz, but overall, it sure sounds like a great tune by Steely Dan. "Negative Girl" definitely returns the Smooth/Jazz-tinged Steely Dan. Rock (yet it is a bit of Jazz) has the last track, "West Of Hollywood."

    Whether you call it Rock or Jazz, it is a great return of Steely Dan, and a very entertaining album. It is definitely where Steely Dan left off, continuing with their great Rock and Jazz influenced sounds. Another album of new material was released in 2003, Everything Must Go, and Donald Fagen's third solo album was released, Morph The Cat, in 2006. Since then, they continue to tour.

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