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Atlanta Rhythm Section
"A Rock And Roll Alternative"

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Year of Release: 1976

track listing
  • Sky High
  • Hitch-Hiker's Hero
  • Don't Miss The Message
  • Georgia Rhythm
  • So Into You
  • Outside Woman Blues
  • Everybody Gotta Go
  • Neon Nites

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    Atlanta Rhythm Section
    "A Rock And Roll Alternative"

    The Atlanta Rhythm Section was one of those bands that had (or less than) a handful of popular tunes from the 1970s. When thinking of this band, 3 songs come to my mind: "Imaginary Lover," "So Into You" and "Doraville." In later years, I discovered the familiar tune "Spooky" by ARS, which became another favorite song by this band. (Just finding this out, the original band that recorded "Spooky" was Classics IV, which members of ARS were from this band. They were also members of a previous band that backed up Roy Orbison, called The Candymen. (If this is the same Candymen band that recorded "Movies In My Mind," this is a song I had on 45 [on the ABC label], and I am still looking for it on CD.)

    An unusual note on ""Imaginary Lover" -- when played from their LP version at 45 rpm speed, the vocals sounded alot like Stevie Nicks. People often mistaked Fleetwood Mac as band for this song, when DJs did play the album track at the wrong speed. Check out the comparisons here on YouTube.

    Not knowing alot about this band, it was obvious to hear the album tracks and how they sounded from their original albums. "So Into You" was from A Rock And Roll Alternative. After listening to this particular album, it's no doubt that this band should have received more airplay than they did. Basically, this album contains some great Rock and Roll cuts, likewise having both a Classic Rock feel, and also Southern Rock.

    The album musical term "Deep Cuts" definitely is a roleplay here. Tracks such as the album's opener, "Sky High" gets the true nod of a "Deep Cuts" radio program. There's some good Southern Rock flavored flavors in the next three songs: "Hitch-Hiker's Hero,""Don't Miss The Message," and "Georgia Rhythm."

    "Outside Woman Blues" definitely defines Rock, (it was originally recorded by the band Cream), likewise "Everybody Gotta Go" is another pretty good rock tune. The last track is quite impressive -- "Neon Nites" definitely has a Southern Rock sound, yet it's as jazzy as a Steely Dan tune.

    There are only eight tracks on A Rock And Roll Alternative. Definitely not alternative; it's definitely Rock. 1970s Rock at its finest. They may not have been as popular as other Classic/Southern Rock bands as the Allman Brothers or Lynyrd Skynyrd, but the two songs "Imaginary Lover" and "So Into You" are mostly defined on Classic Rock Radio formats. The band still continues to perform with most of its original members. All of their albums have been reissued recently (2009) on CD (as imports). Their albums on CD are "twofers" -- two original albums on 1 CD. All of their best remembered hits mentioned in this review are also on various ARS "best ofs" and "greatest hits" compilations.

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