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Andrae Courch & The Disciples
"The Best Of Andrae"

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Year of Release: 1993

track listing
  • Take A Little Time
  • Everything Changed
  • Tell Them
  • I'm Gonna Keep On Singin'
  • My Tribute
  • Bless His Holy Name
    (Psalm 1:30)
  • I'm Coming Home
  • Just Like He Said He Would
  • If Heaven Never Was
    Promised To Me
  • Take Me Back
  • Jesus Is The Answer
  • Through It All
  • Satisfied
  • I Don't Know Why
  • Jesus (Every Hour
    He'll Give You Power)
  • I Come That You Might
    Have Life
  • I Didn't Think It Could Be
  • Oh I Need Him
  • I've Got Confidence
  • It Won't Be Long

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    Andrae Courch & The Disciples
    "The Best Of Andrae"

    Andrae Crouch truly defines Gospel/Christian music. Just as Bill Gaither does for this genre of music, Andrae Crouch is easily in the same category as Gaither when it comes to great, recorded Gospel & Christian Music. Andrae Crouch achieved many #1 albums on the Billboard Gospel charts. The Best Of Andrae, credited as Andrae Crouch & The Discipes, gives a great offering to those not familiar with Crouch's music. Many tracks are very soulful, adding another great ingredient to the Gospel & Christian mix.

    The basic 1970s Gospel/Christian sound is heard on various tracks, such as "Take A Little Time," "Tell Them," "I'm Coming Home," and ""I Don't Know Why." Yet having its basic sound, it's Crouch's voice that makes them soulful. Speaking of Soul, there is plenty of soulful sounding songs here. Blending with the traditional Gospel/Christian styles, it must makes listening to this album more enjoyable: "Everything Changed," "Take Me Back," "Satisfied," "Jesus (Every Hour He'll Give You Power)", "I Come That You Might Have Life," "I've Got Confidence."

    For the softer sounds, these songs are just as exceptional: "My Tribute," "If Heaven Never Was Promised To Me," "Oh I Need Him." "Bless His Holy Name (Psalm 1:30)" has the church gospel approach, and the Preacher of the Gospel has "Jesus Is The Answer."

    "I'm Gonna Keep On Singin'" sounds more of a Children's song for Gospel/Christian, and is another very good track. "Just Like He Said He Would" is a rockin' gospel tune, and "Through It All" is just plain awesome! "I Didn't Think It Could Be" combines Rock with Soul, and the last track, "It Won't Be Long: is a nice song to end the album.

    From the opening track to its end, this best of definitely provides great Gospel/Christian music. This is not the first time Andrae Crouch will get the nod of approval for the WSVNRadio Album Pick of the Week. We look forward in reviewing more of his work. And coincendentally, he has a new album due for release on September 27, entitled The Journey.

    UPDATE: In early December 2014, Andrae Crouch was hospitalized for pneumonia and congestive heart failure. As a result, his December 2014 tour was postponed. He was hospitalized again on January 3, 2015, in Los Angeles, as the result of a heart attack. On January 8, 2015, Crouch died at Northridge Hospital Medical Center. He was 72. As mentioned from 2011, he released The Journey, and released Live In Los Angeles in 2013, before his death.

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