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The Process
"Blood + Bones"

© The Process Records
Year of Release: 2002

track listing
  • Rising Up
  • Mist Of Time
  • Run Them Down
  • Blood And Bones
  • Spend The Money
  • Rapdown
  • Get Up Stand Up
  • Rasta Calling
  • Rising Up (Club Mix)

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    The Process
    "Blood + Bones"

    The Proceess' is one of many bands from our WSVNRadio Hall of Fame. They appeared on Volume 7 with their song, "Rapdown." If you enjoy Reggae Rock, The Process is a good choice for you.

    The infectious grooving sounds of Detroit's legendary rock reggae sensations The Process® are making believers of the masses with their blend of high energy rock and the grooving warmth and passion of reggae. The Process® catalog of recordings crosses barriers and breaks down stereotypes that will keep even the most discriminating listener interested. One reviewer called the groups live performance "a raging sea of sound." Crowds across the country can hardly believe these masters of Rasta madness hail from the motor city. At larger venues fans are treated to a full blown stage show including lights, smoke, processed 35mm film footage on video walls, props, costumes and an all out visual and musical assault.
    The raging existence of The Process® began brewing in 1989 by co-founders David Asher (vocals) and Garrick Owen (guitar), school pals looking to harness their intense creativity and yearning for a just and peaceful world. Soon after the group's inception, Bill Heffelfinger (bassist and programmer) added his profound skills to the group. Holding the grooves together is P-Funk All Star Gabe Gonzalez who brings his powerhouse drumming to THE PROCESS arsenal!
    On a mission to fight ignorance, apathy and social retardation, The Process has been at the center of attention and controversy , while breaking new ground with their uncompromising attitude and performances.
    With international internet distribution and swelling radio support around the world, the band is gaining attention and praise from fans and media alike. THE PROCESS® continues to fuel the fire of musical awakening already spreading around the world!
    Do someone you love a favor... GET PROCESSED!!

    "Rising Up" catches your attention for the album's opening track, having a more Rock feel than Reggae. It's a very impressive song to start out the album. "Mist Of Time" is a cross between rock, reggae and (a little of) rap. David Asher's vocals definitely has the Reggae style, and in various parts he raps his way. Is this a Rock or Reggae song? I would say it is Reggae with a slight Rap touch.

    "Run Them Down" definitely is more Reggae than Rap, as the title track is Rock Reggae (maybe Grunge Rock Reggae?). "Spread The Money" definitely has a more Reggae touch. The best (original) song having a true reggae sound (in my opinion) is "Rapdown." The beat definitely relates to the TV show "Cops" -- "Bad Boys" by Inner Circle.

    "Get Up Stand Up" is the Bob Marley remake. Obvious, this song HAS to have the true reggae sound, being that of a Bob Marley remake, and no reggae influenced album isn't complete without a song by probably considered the King of Reggae -- Bob Marley. "Rasta Calling" is more Rock -- maybe a bit Punk Rock, and/or Alternative/Grunge. There is a club mix of the opening track, "Rising Up" -- and of the two, the original first track is considered the better of the two.

    Blood + Bones is a Reggae Rock album. It's definitely different than Bob Marley's style. Lead vocalist David Asher definitely proves himself as a Reggae singer. Songs on this release have its musical tastes of Rock, Reggae and just a slice of Rap. Definitely unique and different than that of the common sound of Reggae, each song has its own powerful backbone. Again, common Reggae fans will find this album different, and this makes The Process a band to take an interest in.

    For more information on The Process, check out their website, at

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