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Crystal Gayle
"Certified Hits"

© Capitol Records

Year of Release: 2001

track listing
  • Don't It Make My
    fsBrown Eyes Blue
  • Why Have You Left
    The One You Left
    For Me
  • Somebody Loves You
  • When I Dream
  • I'll Get Over You
  • You Never Miss
    A Real Good Thing
    ('Til He Says
  • Talking In Your Sleep
  • Ready For The Times
    To Get Better
  • I'd Do It All Over Again
  • Wrong Road Again

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    Crystal Gayle
    "Certified Hits"

    Her real name is Brenda Gail Webb... Her famous sister is Loretta Lynn. Her Certified Hits is just 10 songs of her early career. In researching her #1 hits (17 of them), there isn't one CD consisting of ALL her #1's. Not even all of her original albums are on CD, however there are some twofers of them.

    This compilation of 10 songs is a great set of Crystal Gayle's hits. Let's start chronologically: Her first Top 10 hit was from her first album, Crystal Gayle, "Wrong Road Again," a song I don't remember. Her first #1 hit in on this set, "I'll Get Over You" (originally from her second album, Somebody Loves You, which the title track is on this compilation set) (1976). Her third album Crystal (1976) produced two #1's, "You Never Miss A Real Good Thing ('Til He Says Goodbye)," and "Ready For The Times To Get Better." Another hit, "I'll Do It All Over Again" was also from this album.

    Her most famous hit was "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" - a song everyone remembers, and one of the greatest Country songs ever made. It was from her 4th album, We Must Believe In Magic. Her next album, When I Dream produced more hits for her: The title track, and 2 more #1's -- "Talking In Your Sleep" and "Why Have You Left The One You Left Me For." [Note: The track "When I Dream" was also on her debut album, Crystal Gayle.]

    Crystal Gayle would change record labels after 1977. So it's obvious this compilation set doesn't consist of ALL her #1's. All 10 songs on Certified Hits were from her United Artists label albums. Other compilation sets of her later hits can be found on Rhino's The Best Of Crystal Gayle, and Super Hits.

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    Oak Ridge Boys--Greatest Hits