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Phillips, Craig & Dean

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Year of Release: 2009

track listing
  • Counting On God
  • From The Inside Out
  • Revelation Song
  • The Distance
  • When Grace Walks In
  • Spirit Of God Is Here
  • Nothing To Prove
  • Let God Be God
  • Great Are You Lord
  • Name Of All Names

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    Phillips, Craig & Dean

    Randy Phillips, Shawn Craig & Dan Dean -- They been around since 1991; their first album was released in 1992. 10 albums later, in 2009, Fearless would break through as the biggest album of their career. "Revelation Song" would reach #1 on the Billboard Christian Songs chart, for 11 weeks. The album itself would hit #1 on the Billboard Christian Albums chart. All the songs on Fearless have very uplifting and powerful lyrics. Devoted to the Christian faith, despite any economic difficulties, life problems, etc., the Power of God shines bright with the lyrics. (Having the lyrics in the booklet of the CD really helps out.) What is interesting about P, C & D are that they are all full-time pastors. Both Randy Phillips and Dan Dean are pastors of churches located in Texas. Shawn Craig's church is located in Missouri. They are all loyal to the respective churches each Sunday, and they have a dedicated virtual moratorium on Saturday night concerts. (For more info, visit their Wikipedia page. Their main website is

    The album begins with a very upbeat song, "Counting On God" -- A positive lyrical message throughout, counting on God is the best route. "From The Inside Out" displays the fact that even though you may go through some tough times, God's eternal light continues to shine, making life worth living.

    "The Distance" is powerful as well -- "Couldn't stand the distance; A seeker looking for the way back home." God is there, you are Home. "When Grace Walks In" has where (as mentioned before) when all hope may or is lost, "It's not over, it's not over, This is the moment grace walks in, With arms wide open, to tell you this is not the end." "Grace is better".

    "The Spirit Of God Is Here" -- How powerful can this song's lyrics be... Very... "Let's get honest; Let's get real; Let's get humble; The Spirit of God is Here He's a fire to be feared." Uplifting, energetic music goes along with the lyrics.

    Reading the lyrics as the song plays on "Nothing To Prove" ... WOW ... Live life to its fullest, and when the time comes to leave this world, "there's nothing to prove, nothing to lose, nothing to hide." "Let God Be God" kicks in a great Rock groove, and it's lyrics just easily follows through. The closing two songs are just as powerful, "Great Are You Lord," "Name Above All Names."

    Let the music and powerful lyrics flow through ... Fearless is anything but that. This is a great and powerful Christian album to listen to and enjoy. Just remember, we are all God's children, and despite how all our lives have turned out (whether for the good or even the bad), the lyrics here shows the Power of God and how He can keep our lives living in a Positive way, despite what Life throws at us. Listen to Fearless with an open mind, and an open heart, and let the powerful lyrics define life with God, and how happy we all can be. Do you believe in God? YES.

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