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"Freak Of Nature"

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track listing
  • Freak Of Nature
  • Paid My Dues
  • Overdue Goodbye
  • You'll Never Be Alone
  • One Day In Your Life
  • How Come The World
    Won't Stop
  • I Thought I Told You That
  • Why'd You Lie To Me
  • Don't Cha Wanna
  • Secrets
  • Don't Stop (Doin't It)
  • I Dream You
  • Overdue Goodbye

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    "Freak Of Nature"

    Anastacia -- born Anastacia Lyn Newkirk, 1968 -- stands only 5'2, and is known as "the little lady with the big voice." I forget where I saw her video of her song "One Day In Your Life," but not only was this song a great and powerful voice, of course (to us men), she was definitely nice "eye candy" to look at; it must have been those cool shades/sunglasses. "One Day In Your Life" was from her second album, Freak Of Nature. Released in 2001, it easily fits the musical styles such as Whitney Houston and/or Mariah Carey, and the likes.

    Yet, while listening to the first five tracks, it just seems to be an "ok" album. "Freak Of Nature," "Paid My Dues," "Overdue Goodbye" (and it's reprise as the last track), "You'll Never Be Alone" are all songs that just didn't jump out and grab your attention. My favorite song, "One Day In Your Life," and the next track, "How Come The World Won't Stop" are the "best tracks" so far.

    But then again, the "just ok" status returns with "I Thought I Told You That" and "Why'd You Lie To Me." "Don't Cha Wanna" is the least favorite song, as I just didn't care for this song, compared to the other "ok" tunes. "Secrets" has a nice beginning, and to summarize, it maybe just another "ok tune," but it's a track that I enjoyed listening to.

    Yet, there's hope -- "Don't Stop (Doin't It)" is bouncy, catchy, and is a very good tune, as I can't help but hear the Spice Girls' "Say You'll Be There." "I Dreamed You" is another song to add to the "good list" -- it's very soulful, and in the style of a soulful Whitney Houston song.

    Of the 13 tracks, I can say that 5 are the most enjoyable: "One Day In Your Life," "How Come The World Won't Stop," "Secrets," "Don't Stop (Doin't It)," "I Dreamed You."

    Despite her first two albums were released in the U.S., her albums that followed became more famous in other countries. She has battled with Chron's disease since the age of 13, and most recently, breast cancer. Also, her voice had been reported as "not as powerful as it used to be." Anastacia has released four albums throughout her career, from 2000 to 2008. Since became unable to record, she is currently writing songs, and trying to create a sound she is happy with.

    Although she did appear with fellow divas such as Celine Dion, Cher, in the year 2002, she is considered a "Diva" to some. Of the 5 songs I favor from Freak Of Nature, her voice is that to be reckoned with -- and I'm curious to listen to more of her music; possibly a "best-of" is in the works.

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