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John Cougar Mellencamp
"The Lonesome Jubilee"

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Year of Release: 1987

track listing
  • Paper In Fire
  • Down And Out In Paradise
  • Check It Out
  • The Real Life
  • Chery Bomb
  • We Are The People
  • Empty Hands
  • Hard Times For
    An Honest Man
  • Hotdogs And Hamburgers
  • Rooty Toot Toot

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    John Cougar Mellencamp
    "The Lonesome Jubilee"

    Johnny Cougar ... Scratch that ... John Cougar ... Scratch that ... John Cougar Mellencamp ... Scratch that... John Mellencamp ... YES!

    John Mellencamp really wanted his given name as "John Mellencamp." When he started his career, he was forced to go by the name of John(ny) Cougar, which he despised. Although the "Cougar" name did achieve his greatest amount of hits, he finally had enough popularity to change his name legitably, to John Mellencamp.

    His album that achieved the greatest popularity of songs, was from 1982's American Fool: "Hurts So Good," "Jack And Diane," "Hand To Hold On To." Both this album and the hit "Jack And Diane" reached #1 on the Pop charts. (These would be his only #1's, until he reached the top spot on the Blues album chart with his 2003 release, Trouble No More.

    Other hits under the "Cougar" name would follow from albums such as Uh-Huh, Scarecrow, The Lonesome Jubilee, Big Daddy. Afterwards, the hits were not as huge as before, although his popularity remained the same.

    The Lonesome Jubilee was released in 1987, and the biggest hits from this release were "Paper In Fire," "Check It Out," "Cherry Bomb." Of these hits, "Check It Out" is a song that I didn't really necessarily care for. The others mentioned were great songs, and of them, I would choose "Cherry Bomb" as my favorite.

    As for the remaining tracks: "Down And Out In Paradise," "The Real Life," "Hard Times For An Honest Man" are all good songs, having the typical early John Cougar style. "We Are The People" and "Empty Hands" are good, yet not as strong as the tracks mentioned in this particular paragraph.

    Overall, The Lonesome Jubilee is a good album, and easily determined (for those who may not be familiar with the songs, but familiar with Mellencamp's singing style). Mellencamp still has the fire on his "Mellencamp" releases. Some of the songs from this "era" were hits (his cover version of Van Morrison's "Wild Nights" comes to mind), but not as many from the "Cougar" era. Having this said, The Lonesome Jubilee is a rocking album, and will not be a disappointment to any Mellencamp fan, either Cougar era or post-Cougar era.

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