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Tammy Raybould

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Year of Release: 1999

track listing
  • Loving You
  • Guardian Angel
  • Til Now
  • I Could Tell You
  • Light In The Sky
  • This Is Why
  • How Is He
  • Stay With Me
  • Do You Know
  • Your Sweetness
  • Dinner

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    Tammy Raybould

    Tammy Raybould is from Canada, and she is one of many artists WSVNRadio has promoted on our Hall of Fame compilations. She appeard on Volume 14. "Loving You" was the song selected for this Volume.

    A very impressive set of music is heard on her album Maybe. Each song simply flows with each other, and her voice is quite exceptional.

    "Loving You" leads off the album, and is quite a rocking tune in its own right. "Guardian Angel" and "Til Now" are two very good songs, casually going with flow. The next two songs, "I Could Tell You" and "Light In The Sky" are a slower-paced than tracks 2 and 3, yet still, they are very good songs, which wants you to listen more.

    "This Is Why" is even better... "How Is He' kicks into a good (Rockin') Country style. Its beginnings sounds a bit like Faith Hill's "This Kiss." (After listening this far, Raybould's music can pass the Country station playlists.)

    The remaining songs are all great in the flow ... "Stay With Me," "Do You Know," "Your Sweetness" and "Dinner" -- All cool sounding, soothingly cool...

    So, how do we categorize Tammy Raybould's music? Is it Rock? Definitely. Country? Like the title of the album, Maybe, yet it could fit a Country's station playlist, if not more. As I listen to her voice, I was trying to distinguish whom she resembled. Not for the style of music, but her voice -- A little like Alanis Morissette, yet better. (The Alanis resemblence is heard on "Dinner.")

    Tammy Raybould's Maybe is definitely worth checking out. Her voice is outstanding; a very impressive singer. As I glance through the liner notes of this album, the lyrics of each song tells a compelling story of love. (All songs on this album were written by Tammy Raybould.) Not only is Tammy's voice great, but she is a very impressive songwriter, both lyrically and musically. Her music website is on, and her photography site is located here.

    We are proud to have Tammy Raybould as part of our Hall of Fame. Check out her music, its very well worth the listen.

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    Previous Review: #1278
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